An Idea for a future expansion or mod: An Siam(Thailand)Civilization

With the addition of Inca and Sweden, it is obvious that the Asian civilization is vacant.

【Civilization Introduction】
The name “Siam” has been around since the Sukhothai Dynasty. Since then, the Ayutthaya and Thonburi Kingdoms have used “Siam” as the country name for several periods, and during the Chakri Dynasty, “Siam” was confirmed as the official country name of this country.

With the development of the times,Siam began to be oppressed by European powers. In 1855, the first unequal treaty was signed with Britain.
Siam has a deep understanding of Western advanced technology and culture, and has promoted modernization in the country, successfully preventing Siam from becoming a colony of foreign powers and becoming the only independent kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Make full use of the location advantage at the connection point between China and India and Europe, accumulate wealth, and gather businessmen and military mercenaries from all over the world. While being influenced by the cultures of China, Japan, Europe, Persia, etc.

King Naresuan the Great

According to historical records, The plate armor and hand-held muskets worn by the Portuguese mercenaries are very good, which attracted the attention of the Thai military. They have imitated many of these plate armors and muskets., and the picture is a movie poster

[Civilization Features]
Inhabitants of the jungle: There are endless edible plants in the jungle every rainy season. Chasing prey may be attacked by snakes and crocodiles. Why take risks?
Collecting berries is at the opposite speed of hunting. Teammates are welcome to drive away their animals and they will pick up all your berries.
Chanting dharma meeting: Siam monk and villagers can chant near the temple and pray for all units (Community square+Monastery)
Siam’s consulate has diplomatic relations with China, Japan, India, and Sweden.
China: +5% collection efficiency, providing economic support and cheap outlaw units.
Japan: -5% military cost, providing defense buildings and elite Japanese mercenaries.
India: +50% building health, providing resource boxes and fast training native warriors.
Sweden: -5% technology cost, providing improved technology and powerful artillery.
Livestock animals: pigs.
Can train the units of Asian civilization, and the monastery has Outlaws unit’s Improved technology.
【Unique Unit】
Knight Lan Na: Heavy infantry armed with double knives, good at attacking infantry
Elephant’s guardian warrior: high blood volume and low damage. With aura, it gives extra life to all nearby cavalry units.
Khmer War Elephant: Melee elephants. Can be stationed in infantry units. Depending on the type, increase damage or allow ranged attacks. Upon death, the garrisoned unit will drop… (corpse)
Yamada Nagamasa: Transport the Japanese mercenary leader “Yamada Nagamasa” to the war, you can train troops.
Bayingyi:Siam’s unique mercenary, Portuguese musketeer wearing plate armor.
【General unit】
Changdao Swordsman
Naginata Rider
Cavalry Archer
Wat Mahathat : Buddha in the tree(Halo): Continuous production of new trees
Wat Phutthaisawan : Slowly train outlaws units or mercenaries.
Ayutthaya :More powerful Town Center.The nearby farmland can be cultivated for 10 people.
Wat Chaiwatthanaram : (Repeated activation) Speed up the training speed and technology development time of all units
The Diamond Fortress: Can train European artillery, and the villagers will defend the area when they move in.
Naga Fireballs :Guardians of the Mekong(Halo):Do more damage to restrained units


Great ideas but it’s a contender between Siam or Vietnamese. Idk much of their history but two of those will be great additions to AoE 3 maybe even include the Koreans.

Siam because it is one of the few that was never colonized and it is right in the center of south-east asia.

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Well India was colonized but there they are. Geographically, Thailand is not in the middle of South East Asia though. Unless you don’t count Philippines and the Malayan Archipelago.

I do like more nations to be included tho. Even better if from SEA.

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It is a well known fact dude I am not saying anything new.

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I think you meant that Thailand is in the middle of the Indochina region. Not South East Asia region.

Anyway Thai civ with elephants the Indians would be cool to see.

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Indochina is Southeast Asia, man…

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dont you know that changdao is a unique weapon of chinese, and so is naginata of japan
how come they become the thai unit?

There are many overseas Chinese living in Thailand, and even Chinese have become their kings
( Anachak Thonburi,鄭昭)
and hired Japanese and Portuguese as mercenaries,
The most famous Japanese mercenary leader in Thailand is Yamada Nagamasa.
Therefore, I designed it as a unit that can train Asian civilizations
By default, it is the diplomatic country of the consulate, so it can be explained reasonably.
My consideration is that if the design cost is not high, the development team can refer to my plan

Changdao in Thailand is called ดาบไทยอยุธยา, and Thai monks will engrave scripture on it

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I like the idea.

I think that a Siam and a Malay civ should exist with the wonder mechanics

If ES wanted, they have 3 expansions to the game with 3 civs each. One for Africa (Morroco, Ethiopia, Zulu), One for asia (Persia, Malay and Siam) and one for europe (Italy, Austria and denmark)

I doubt that they will go 3 civs each dlc. I prefer to have Koreans instead of Malay.

Koreans were not as relevant as malay in this períod. Malay had an empire which was contested by the Portuguese and the Dutch

Korea was an independent, but albeit almost vassal state to the Qing dynasty.

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