An Idea for a future expansion or mod: Xishan Nguyen Dynasty (Vietnam)Civilization

【Civilization Introduction】
In the dynasty that existed in Vietnam from 1778 to 1802, the three Nguyen brothers led a peasant uprising and overthrew the rule of Guangnan in the south. After that, they expanded all the way to the north and annihilated the Zheng regime and the Later Le Dynasty in the north, ending 250 years of chaos. , Unify Vietnam.
Under the approval of the Xishan government, pirates have the ability to become officials. By annexing pirates to strengthen their own army, a system to support piracy activities has been established.

Thai Duc Emperor
[Civilization bonus]
The card effect of “Atonement” is automatically obtained at the beginning of the game.
Every time the market exchanges resources get xp.

[Civilization Features]
Most of the army is composed of illegal elements, and their training costs have become food + wood or food + gold.
Only through the revolution to enter the age 5.
No healer units or cards.
No artillery units or cards.
Pet: Cat
Aboriginal allies: Sufis, Jesuits
Consulate: China, Japan, Spain, pirates
【Unique Building】
Black market: It can only be built on treasure locations without treasure guardians, and you will get the same reward as the treasure every once in a while, and the farther you are from the town center, the faster you can get it.
Farming dock: The dock can produce schools of fish, and the more food over time.
Command post: their town center is also a fortress

【Unique Unit】
Outlaw Hussar: A melee cavalry who throws explosives at buildings. After developing technology, it can throw at infantry.
Outlaw Spy: Good at attacking mercenaries, explorers, war chiefs and monks.
After the technology is developed, when the opponent’s building has a low HP, the Outlaw spy will occupy the building.
Black gunpowder carriage: a fast-moving siege unit that will die after attacking a building, but will cause significant damage, and research and development technology can attack the crowd.
Cats: Pets can work together with villagers in the farmland. It will increase the efficiency of other people’s work. Each farmland can only participate in 2 pets.
【Unique Cards】
Team Outlaws-unit Combat: Increase Outlaws-unit damage and life, and make it occupy a population -1.
Hero: Each era can transport hero units to the city,Unlike Japanese leaders, they fight on the front lines
Treasure Map: 3 new treasures have been added to the map, one of which is a big treasure.
【General unit】
Blind Monks.
Wokou Ronin.
Marathan Dacoit.
Marathan Thuggee.
Mongol Rider.
Marathan Catamaran.
Wokou Junks.

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