An idea for balancing the Sipahi

The Sipahi is a beast of a unit, everyone can agree with that , its balance as a question I am not going to debate.

But there is a relic of its design that maybe we can take a look at and allow it to be more…lets say in line with other units.

So what am I talking about?

The Sipahi is a base age 3 unit, ie it has higher base stat that is like a age 3 level unit instead of having a +20% shadow tech in age 3.

This means that it has better scaling when affected by upgrades and for a unit that purely shadow techs that is a great benefit

For example: with its 750 base HP cav this means that every 1% HP increase is 7.5 HP

so say the guard level shadow tech gives 225 HP, for a total of 975

So a way to balance the Sipahi is to give it the Cuirassier treatment, making it a base age 2 stat unit and giving it a +20% shadow tech instead.

Now lets assume that you want it to keep its base stat in age 3, what would be the changes

It would have 625 HP and about 29tk as base so that with a shadow tech it would have 750 HP and 34.8 atk in age 3

But the true impact will be in age 4.

with 625 base HP, in age 4 it would have 937.5 HP and 43.5 atk compared to 975 and 45.5 atk as it have now.

Its only 5-6% reduction but for such a unit that is 40 HP less.

Up for consideration


I’d rather remove the shipments in age3 or increase their costs while leaving the unit untouched.

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Well, Ottomans have always been powerful, I’m sure you know what the actual reason for that is.
However, Sipahi themselves have only recently risen to OP complaint status, while literally nobody complained for 19 years and nothing changed much about them.


They are special Ottoman Cavalry that you can’t train they don’t need a nerf.


Sipahi, to quote sam rev, have always been the tactical nuke of aoe3. They were always scary as hell but manageable for most civs. Now that otto has a plethora of questionable balanced units ofc they seem even stronger. But its basically a civ bonus for otto. Even someone whos tired of otto like me thinks the unit is fine. Tune the new blatantly powercrept shipment and unit scaling down first imho. Let otto have its signature unit remain iconic and fix the actual problemstic stuff before chipping away at a civs core identity


I want Sipahi can be trained like France Jandarmas and other heavy cav unit. They can be nerfed but at last player can play more often with them. If they arent trained, at least we can get more of them with shipment like 10 sipahi

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At this point, I would probably nerf vilager autospawn to 50s in Age1 and give it back with Tanzimat upgrade in age3.


I forget but is the otto lobby part of the semi-FF gang?

I’d be inclined to say no? I kinda think the semi-ff gang wouldn’t like the auto training vills as they’d want to feel like they’re doing everything themselves to gain a sense of superiority… (haha)

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