An interesting (and probably wrong) observation: knights and cavaliers in DE

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it feels like knights in DE actually have a later-era helmet than the cavaliers.
This looks like a late medieval helmet design:

This is a great helm from earlier era:

Back in old AOE2 the model was low-poly so it’s hard to tell the helmet type (I thought he was wearing only a chainmail hood, but not really if zoomed in)


Oh well this is also the game were onagers come after mangonels for some reason, so this is entirely plausible too.


Good eye for detail!

Yeah, you’re right. While it’s usually a lot harder than it looks to pin any particular design to any particular age the knight’s helmet does like like it has more advanced features, getting rid of the flat top.

It does have a more open face though, yet somehow less peripheral vision. If you asked an actual knight which helmet they’d prefer they could still pick the cavalier one because of that. In that sense it still works as a unit progression.

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No.5 helmet seems to be the inspiration for the knights helm.

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The Robert Guiscard model is probably quite accurate as a early knight unit.