An online chatroom made from AOE2 game. It is pretty relaxing :)

Hey all, check out this browser game made by SCRNPRNT. It is very soothing.

They can truly make this into something good. Add more interaction option or turn this into like a slitherio type of online game you know. Would be fun!


Wow, this was surreal. I turned into a lion and tried to eat those pesky villagers, who were killing animals, but I couldn’t eat them :slightly_frowning_face:

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I tried chatting but no one answered
Felt very alone suddenly but hey the music is nice

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Hmm, I saw people chatting to each other quite often there. You need to be close to other people for them to see your messages.

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I need to know the name of the soundtrack or where to find it! It’s soo good, it conveys such an amazing meaning to the experience


Yeah I managed to get to talk to people, and it’s really trippy

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Yeah they should add some of that unit interaction mechanics. Chatting alone is OK, but they can take this somewhere too.

This was released just today. When I entered only 5 people were there. 1 answered, he/she was an ostrich lol.

I think it’s probably produced. I have never heard of this soundtrack in any AOE game. Only unit voices are from AOE.


For a bit more context :slight_smile:

there’s a link for the music at the bottom.

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This is music author’s website, but I didn’t found music of chatroom from there