Analysis of Age of Empires IV

Ive made an analysis video about Age of Empires IV and am looking for feedback. Any feedback would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

You can check out the video here


hmm…I will sub. Good job man.

Thank you :slight_smile: I really appreciate that, let me know any ways I can improve :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see more videos about AOE4 and I liked the fact you covered that survey.
As feedback I would suggest having your voice a bit louder and ending up the video with a short conclusion rather than a sudden stop. Even a “that’s all I have for now, see you next time” will do.
Also, it’s a good idea to mention sources for rumours (you talk about rumours having the game set in the Americas, which I myself haven’t heard or seen any of it).
Looking forward to more videos!

Thanks for the feedback IamDalv, I will be sure to make a conclusion in my videos in the future as that is just a lack of common sense on my part :man_facepalming: I like the idea of verifying my sources as well and will definitely do that in the future. I am glad that you look forward to more and I appreciate the feedback!

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There are rumours that Age 4 will focus on the Mayans? The Americas? Where are these rumours? Legitimately, I have never seen them.

Since you have asked, & I agree with @IamDalv, always give source to back your points, like somewhere in the description area. Try to stay away from rumors. You don’t want to be part of those “gaming journalists” who hype a game to the point where when game gets ■■■■, the blame gets on the developer alone. Whereas, you know, the real culprits have whistled and ran through your back alley. You get what I mean?

Awesome, thanks for the feedback guys, I am taking it all into account for my second video :slight_smile: In regards to the Americas rumour it turns out that the source I got it from actually meant that we have gone from The dark ages to the Americas but they worded it wrong. Facepalm I am going to stay away from rumours from now on.

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What is there to analyze?

Actually, Age Of Empire Franchise always made a historical timeline. The first time we played, we meet the ancient civilizations, the first humans building towns and creating societies. That’s the point, AoE represent the evolution of the human civilization. That means a lot for the new game, it can be the age of revolutions like USA Independence, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, etc… Every time, AoE present us a new mission that we need to save the civilization, conquer another civilization of create a future for them. This time, i think we will decide de balance of power in the most tragic and importan revolutions of that time. Maybe we can see Abraham Lincoln’s war against slavery, maybe we can see the Red Army putting down the Russian Monarchy, maybe we can see the Archduke Franz Ferdinand being killed.

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age of revolutions like USA Independence,

I often see people mention this as a wanted or possible concept… you guys know that AoEIII had an expansion called War Chiefs right? It focused on America and its campaign was revolved around the American Revolutionary War

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One gigantic problem with concluding that as a core AoE game, AoE4 must follow sequentially with AoE3 is that it forces you to conclude either (1) that Microsoft will stop making core AoE games once it runs out of room on the timeline or (2) that Microsoft will continue making core AoE games that take place in modern and then into future eras. Both of these conclusions are absurd. Eventually, we will have AoE games that revisit old eras. Of course, this has already been happening. We’ve had several AoE games in ancient times and several more in medieval times.

AoE’s brand is to merge ancient history with RTS. There are plenty of other series that merge modern history with RTS. In fact, Relic already makes games that do that. What a bizarre conversation it would have been for MS to hire Relic to make a game that directly competes with Relic’s existing games.


You are completely right there