Analysis of DLC's sales to AoE 2

I think they messed something up there, you get the V achievement for winning AGAINST them instead of winning WITH them somehow…

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About 20-30% of the active player base for the previous 2 DLCs. A lot of people bought DE but didn’t play quite actively after a while. So only the active players are going to go for newer DLCs.

I’m not sure which civs or DLCs you’re referring to. None of the new civs since Lord of the west are played like any of the existing civs. All of them have a unique style to play. The only gimmicks are flemish rev and first crusade and while that’s bad, those civs are good even without having to do them.
Only some people don’t like new DLCs and I guess its just resistance to something new which makes people think that way. They get used to the 20 year old civs and can’t accept new content. That’s the reason some people still play Aoc on voobly or other platforms.

All these are true and should be addressed. To add to that melee pathing, monk rng, smurf-handling, toxic player removal, queuing system etc.
Don’t think stats back that. Remember that DLCs get a discount during holidays and long weekends and many people purchase at that time. Stats just show how long each DLC has been around. The 17 month old DLC has 11k buys, 10 month old has 8k buys and 2 month old has 3k buys.

You are being biased af. These kind of stuff are not read simply by “this is high = this is better” mentality.

Lords of the West was the first DLC of Definitive edition, it was revealed by the end of 2020, at the break of covid-19 pandemic when lots of people were playing video games, and released 30 days later which was only 1 month after Christmas. Dawn of the Dukes in the other hand had 4 months between reveal and release as the hype and money swept by the first DLC was gone.

Your analysis is quite simplistic and faulty (don’t take it as offensive).


Theae numbers seem wrong. Even the achievment numbers seem wrong af.

Like 2% achievement for some basic a$$ thing like making dark age militia or something idk

If you look at the pro tourney viewership stats and how many people are watching high level streams i just cant believe the numbers are this low for buying dlcs and having basic achievements. Because you would think to be that invested into the pro scene would mean a decent level of investement into the game as a player too

I have seen comments specially on SOTL vids where people dont really play but are just observers or spectators of aoe2.

But SOTL gets like 80 to 90k views on his vids and even if you go on a wild assumption and say half those people dont invest in playing the game, youd have to speculate that a good 40 to 45k are invested and are actively participating buying dlcs and whatnot.

Specially since content like that is pretty advanced. Taking about what level of bonus damage reduction a sicilian knight gets and what not and civ overviews of new dlc civs

Not sure if this helps or not but from the data I can see that there have been 97776 unique players who have played at least 1 ranked match since the 1st May. Of these 23329 of them have played at least one match using Bengalis, Dravidians or Gurjaras.

To me that implies at least 23k copies of the DLC have been sold as a lower limit with a conversion rate of roughly 25% (I would guess this is overestimated due to ranked players being more dedicated to the game than pure casual players).


thanks these are cool info.

whens the next african DLC? wish to know what other gimmick they will come up with

An infantry unit that can dodge projectiles like SR, do pass through damage like Ghulam and have attack bonus vs archer as Huskarl.

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I eagerly await the Ghulamskarlvamsha :joy: that also destroys armor, builds towers, attacks faster, and toggles melee/ranged. The uncounterable Ghulamskarlvamsha Serjobuchrathurai

I actually meant new gimmick. infantry that dodge projectile is no different than cav dodging projectile in my eye.

new mechanics, ie fog of war restricted by elevation as an example

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Tower elephant. Literally a moveable tower that can garrison foot units and have extra arrows if archers are garrisoned and extra speed if infantry is garrisoned.

One person have multiple accounts, right? Smurfs and some actual steam family share accounts.

Units that get + HP / armour on each successful kill.
Units that fight stronger when in group.
Unit that can recruit another unit like a building.
Units with poison arrow drain health upto a certain limit.

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Se han vendido mejor los dlcs del age of empires 3 (Hablando del Kotm y el African Royals)