Ancient Indian civilization in AOE 2 Return of Rome and also Chandragupta Maurya campaign

There are 17 civilizations but the Indian civilization is the oldest civ in the ancient world. the Mauryan empire is contemporary to Rome Greece, and Egypt The Indian civ is the 18th one in return for Rome in addition to Chandragupta Maurya As an additional campaign I am going add on a return of Rome. but I didn’t due to missing Indian Civilization. There is a Rich Indian History is there you must consider.


Kalingaaa and Tamils as well


Yes indian civis are missing in RoR but its unlikely they will get added as devs will need to make a new building set for them.


I hate to call the devs lazy, but not wanting to add new architecture sets since The Last Khans is pretty darn lazy. It seems modders would have to do the job themselves.


I would say one Indian civ is must have, since they were also one of the earliest among Egyptian and Mesopotamian civs.


Since each building set gets about 3 to 4 civilization might as well add more.

Mayurans or Magahadans

Yes, I agree…I think that eventually some civ like Hindustanis (Indus Valley civ and Mauryans) and Dravidians (Pandyas) in RoR…

Perhaps, turn the Beyond the Indus fan-made expansion into a DLC.

Is there anything at all stopping people from adding new civs to the Return of Rome dataset?

Presumably the same thing that stops people from adding civs to base AoE2: DE.


If I am not mistaken then RoR kind of works like mod in AoE2, which means it can have as much civs as vanilla AoE2.

Unfortunately its not the case.Civilization count cannot be changed.

The AOE2DE Indian set can be modified by devs.

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will it fit for aoe1?

Sure they can fight the tamil factions.

The game crashes going beyond civ limit of each dataset.

I don’t know of any notable battles between the two in before christ period.

This one is also kind of late for the aoe1 time frame of stone age, bronze age etc. A generic central asian/hunnic civ will suffice for it.

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Kingdom of anuradapura falles under the aoe time frame and it had multiple clashes with south indian powers.also the worlds tallest brick structure was built during that time in anuradapura.

Romans are an iron age civi so kushans wouldnt be that out of place.I selected them because they seem to be a mix between multiple cultures like huns indans greeks.

If we drop mayurans umbrella for all the northern indian states we will end up with too many kingdoms to cover.

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Yes, you have the Pandyan dynasty (300 BCE-900 CE)…