Guys, i really really really really really miss the old map “ANCIENT TOWER DEFENCE”. Every map that i found on the store/mod section is broken and nobody seems to play this kind of game anymore :frowning: this is very sad.
I used to play on gameranger and it was popular back than. if somebody can do something about it, let me know pls, really missing the time spent on losing on this kind on map lol

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I’m with you on this one, and the one that is a remake of it is hardly of quality, hoping for better for such modes.

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theres a tower defense mod called citadel tower defense and got a lot of praise, worth checking into.

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I’ve played it, the style of it isn’t as good as ancient tower defense, rather the style is just different and isn’t traditional. don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent tower defense type, it just isn’t as great as ancient tower defense was.

Remade from A to Z (HD 2016)

Hey, i was finally able to port my version Ancient Tower Defense [Remaster] from HD to DE.
I have to say it was challenging but had fun in the process. It is still in Beta, but it is playlable to the end without any critical bug or crash. At least on my system.