Animals..where are they?

I have been playing the black forest map fairly exclusively and a few games in I realized what I kept feeling like I was missing…animals! No sheep, no wolves, and no fish in the ponds. I thought well maybe it’s black forest but it doesn’t seem to matter what map, the only animal that I have seen are fish and that was on the ocean/sea maps, still no ponds. Yet when I played a joan of arc campaign I ran into wolves. Is this working as intended or is something off about my game somehow. Tyia!!


So far I’ve only tested random Single player games to test out new mechanics and figure out new hotkeys. I’ve always had sheep/deer/boar/wolves or their equivalents.

I am starting to think I figured it out. I think it has to do with a resource setting. When I set it to Ultra High, no animals. When I have it on Infinite or the lower than Ultra High setting, I have animals again. Anyone else see this?

I have the sane problem, bu for me i have rearely animals at all, and i have done what you have done with the settings, but for me no animals. really weird