Animation bug/missing on river crossings

I just want to point out that theres no animation displayed when a unit dies on a river crossing, further corpses just disappear. I know its not game breaking but in my opinion details like this should work properly in a AAA game and especially in the latest Age of Empires series. Would be great if you devs could add this to your list.

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Thanks for reporting @grindyray! Are you seeing this during the campaign or during multiplayer?

Hey, thx for your quick reply. I sadly wasnt able to recheck it yet, but Im pretty sure I saw and experienced it on multiplayer… I will test it this evening (German time) and give you a differentiated answer.

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I can’t speak for campaign but it is a well known “issue” in multiplayer. Recently this also clearly showed on the EGCTV stream Golden League MarineLord vs TheViper on Mongolian Heights. I’ve found a bit and put the time stamp ready:

It is a bit messy with the observer and such, but you can clearly see some units dying at the river side and falling down on the ground, as intended, yet those only mildly behind them with their boots still wet from the river don’t fall dead to the ground; they just kinda poof out of existence.

Since this game was nearing stale mate at the river crossing it happened quite a lot in this particular game.

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tyvm for you reply. My new job is f*** me up really bad atm :smiley: ive experienced it aswell on mp. I will try to find some time to check it on a matching campaign mission too.

Keep going devs :call_me_hand:

Ive tested it in the mission “The Battle of Kolikovo” of the Rus campaign. The issue with nonexistent death animations/ disappearing corpses on water crossings can clearly be verified here…

Hey pal. I really, really, honestly don’t want to sound rude, but this bug has been around since the closed beta and mentioned a myriad times. Even aussiedrongo has made fun of it on his casts. Is this really the first time you guys are hearing about it? It happens in multiplayer and single player skirmishes too and it’s rather easy to reproduce (just kill a villager on a shallow crossing).

Units dying on shallow water have always vanished without leaving a corpse.

All good dude. I just wanted to adress this with my own motiviation. And as you can this dev is extremely active on this forum so just stay positive :slight_smile:
We need to be patient with relic. They need more time than other studios but they do deliver…

Nope! But there are many bugs that sound similar which are in fact different (related or not). For instance, whether it happens in SP or MP.

This has been seen! Thank you to all who have reported and given extra info. It is very much appreciated!