Announcing the AoE3 companion app by hellpunch! released today

Link to the app is in the video description


I don’t know if you can add other languages ​​in future updates, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese or something. After all, not every player’s native language is English.thank you


New update released today with important bug fixes!!


Hi, its me hellpunch. For now, adding more language isn’t a priority :frowning: as the app needs more polishing and fixes. Maybe in the future :slight_smile:

The latest update provides a very important bug fix regarding performance for the app the longer the app gets used. I suggest for everyone to update.

For a shortcut link: AOE 3 Companion - App su Google Play


Thank you for the dedication


App has been updated. The major thing added is that now it has the FULL description for every tech, like in game.

** → fix
++ → added
** shared decks page default sort is Recent instead Oldest
** samsung devices with smart suggestion had crash when searching
** selector on deck builder size increased
** some blank units/techs/images missing
** pics in profile pages non filling the entire screen
** italy flag from shared deck
** better tooltip, follows light/dark mode
** improved performance when card selecting on deck page
++ new natives page without having to go in the map page
++ full details of cards
++ all military units added in selection in the unit page
++ double tapping units on native page will lead to that unit profile
++ double clicking units on buildings page will lead to that unit profile
++ app now shows if there are updates available on google play (and clicking on the
notification when there is will open the store)
++ gather rates for eco units on their profile page
++ shared deck now handles internet connection


Very cool! I love the shareable decks and getting to vote on them!

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It isn’t as popular as i thought it would be but hope it improves in the future.


Is there any way to access it without an android device?

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not for now.
Technically you can use an android emulator on windows but then you have the game and other options, like wiki or the online deck builder made by dori. btw join for updates and other stuffs of the app.

App Updated:

  • due to multiple demands, spanish language has been added to the app, thanks also to the help of lord fobius.
  • small bug fixes
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[Hotfix Update]
I just realised that the app didn’t update the units/cards description when you searched for them. Hotfix already published to store, it will take a couple of hrs to be public.

yeah, desktop version would be cool.

IDK how decks are stored (they are sync with steam?), but it would be mega cool to be able to share decks online, a file that you could download that could rewrite the deck file to add shared decks made by others players.

Just two clicks and your deck is in.

¿Cómo pongo la app en español?


? You can already share decks with others, save the shared decks and modify it after saving… You can’t share a deck that you previously saved made by others, but you can recreate it and share it again.


I thought the update was live already, google is taking its time to review the app. Will take some more time sorry.
(Pensé que la actualización ya estaba activa, Google se está tomando su tiempo para revisar la aplicación. Tomará más tiempo, lo siento. - google translate)

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Update is live. Google play tooks its time but is live now.

  • App updated to patch 13.18214.
  • Added Cost to all techs and homecity cards.

Interesting project. I’ll check it out.

Haven’t downloaded anything AoE-related since… that AoE II Symbian game.

Oh symbian, what an awesome os ( for games ) with the worst browser ever seen in a mobile phone. Nokia demise, i believe, was due to this specific functionality. In the era of internet, having the most backward browser…

Tell me what you think of the app and join to give suggestions, bug report or general support.

Hey @ResultedRex9901 se podría añadir a la app un modo de ver las skins disponibles de los exploradores?