Annoyances with walling

Palisade wall joints are useless. Deleting them will have no negative effect on your wall, while building them obviously costs resources and building time. Leaving them unbuilt will also cost resources and more importantly will let units through.

Deleting wall joints deletes a part of the adjacent wall segment(s) visually.

Villagers ignore shift queue commands until all walls they have been tasked to build have been constructed.

Not able to place gate on wall foundation until the selected villager is extremely close to it.

Villagers stand around for a second after having finished a wall segment.

Losing resources when cancelling wall foundations the wrong way, meaning: when you delete a wall segment and the deletion of that wall segment automatically deletes other segments, the resources for the automatically deleted wall segments will be lost.

Villagers sometimes build palisade wall segments from the other side. They do so by positioning themselves in the inside of the wall, building it and then going on the opposite site from which you have tasked them to build it.

Random build priotization. Villagers should theoretically start with the wall joint rather than with the first wall segment but they do not. They then proceed to build a random amount of wall segments before building the first wall joint.

Double clicking a palisade wall segment regardless of whether or not it is finished will select wall foundations and walls. However the only option that shows up is the delete button. Pressing that will delete finished walls rather than wall foundations even when you have double clicked wall foundations. The same problem occurs with stone walls but no option to delete them shows up (which is actually good).

Please fix these.