Annoying team mates

I guess my question is, does this ever end when you go up in rank? Do these players eventually disappear as you climb the ladder?

I’m talking about:

Insta resigners
I shouldn’t be mad at these people because being bad at estimating the likelihood of a game ending in defeat is essentially a skill issue, and it’s okay to be bad at the game, but I can’t help but feel the instant resigning says something negatively about their character.

I’m talking about people that resign when they see the enemy approaching their camp, even though no one else has resigned yet, the worst example. But even people that resign despite being the only player that’s being defeated, while still having plenty of villagers and resources left to reboom, that’s not ok. I’ve had multiple games where we won despite one of us resigning too early, there’s always a chance to reboom. I wish people who resign within the first 30 minutes of the game were replaced by AI that fits the rank of the players involved, so it’s not too demoralizing, and resigning should have a penalty to your rating if you do it too early.

God gamers
People who carry every game they win, and only lose due to their team mates being stupid. You can recognize these talented AOE2 players by their verbal abuse, no matter if you’re winning, losing or you’re the MVP. Will employ objectively risky strategies such as sacrificing their entire cavalry army into a forward defensive pikemen formation next to a castle and still blame you for losing.

Can’t do anything on their own, you can never help them enough in their eyes. Will stock up resources, not make any units, advance to Imperial age despite the enemy being at their gates and that wouldn’t be an issue, but then they blame you for not sending enough units. Recognizable through their heavy use of signals. Some say these creatures are cut from the same cloth as God gamers.

Tell you what to do from the very beginning, no room for discussion. Usually expect you to sacrifice at least 5 villagers and a scout in the beginning of Blackforest games. Again, some say this is just another variety of the god gamer species.

That’s pretty much all the toxic behavior I can think of, but maybe I missed something. I encounter this in about 50% of team 3v3 and 4v4 games I play, at least in Europe, maybe North American AOE2 community is less toxic.

I like to think these people are only presenting themselves as angry all the time, and deep down they’re happy they get to play their favorite game with fellow human beings, but I’m not sure.


Seems like you are playing with humans. Is that true?! They are also higher on the team game ladder.

Well 9 hr old totally not Gargenesis… you definitely posted words to a page

EDIT: Ill admit I was wrong. sorry mate!

I would say you’re just being paranoid, but you’ve been right 9 out of 10 times so far.

I guess I was wrong this time.m
Apologies to the OP

Maybe, but a new Gargy alt has shown up.


20 Characters

Yes, the people who don’t care about the game are less likely to get 1.6k+ elo. You will see less and less resigners from 1.4k.

It is quite common in every MMO. Find your own way to deal with it or don’t play online game.

Partially the design flaw. Straight to IMP is kind of effective in beating up the players with less than 1.2k elo. Imperial units can nearly free kill castle age units with exactly the same cost, and castle age units can’t to much to wall and castles. You can’t end the game in castle age if they refused to resign.

I don’t see problem here. If you are the flank, you only have 2 choices, either fight for wall or handle 1 of them before they are ready to attack. You shouldn’t ask your pocket to send his villagers all the way forward and assist you. Ideally he should save loom even his scout to take extra boars and help you with your deer.

The toxic people are the ones who want to win too much. I wouldn’t even say a word when I don’t care about the game.

Every (team)game with a ranked system has toxicity. There is no exception to that.

The question is just how many players and how toxic.

If people don’t care about their elo in the slightest they will most likely tend to troll/resign.

If players want to climb the ladder and they lose games because of their teammates(at least from their perspective) they will start getting toxic as well, especially when they have a losing streak.

Of course there are also good players, who are not toxic as well.

It just depends on the personality of this person in general.

I mean you experience these things pretty much everywhere in life…

I still think they should invent a surrendersystem in teamgames to prevent early quitting

Oops, my game crashed seems like a good workaround for such system… Or oops, i am defeated.

I am at least two of these personalities in War Thunder, it’s really bad when someone spawn snipes my team, and nobody marks where the enemy is hiding. They just go single file to their death lol.

nice post, i hate insta resigners