Another AOE4 feedback

I’m sure people have said this before but if we all keep posting hopefully the small bugs and balance stuff is taken care of quickly.

My experience so far. I’ve been playing HRE, I took some notes during my play.

  1. Stances need to be brought back (I hate a group crossbowmen step up to my army snipe my prelates, and magonals and horsemen, just stood there saying the skyrim phrase “must have been the wind”)

  2. Auto scout

  3. Click hitboxes (I’ve seen this complaint around fairly often)

  4. auto defense from villagers, this was in aoe2. I hear my villagers being attacked by a wolf but he keeps on building, admirable but should just kill the wolf first. Not wait for me to tell you to kill the wolf.

  5. Garrison/Rebuild…So I build an outpost to protect my villagers. I hear an attack, I click over. Send my villagers to garrison which is usually one click but if the outpost is damaged at all, they’ll start repairing it instead of getting to safety. Then I have to hit F first to garrison. If I’m in panic situation I want the garrison to be one click not the repair.

  6. Way point markers need to come back

  7. custom hotkeys (obvious)

These were HRE and other civs focused things I saw.

Prelates are about 75% on the auto stuff there suppose to do. But I catch them alot not inspiring villagers or not healing troops. (auto stuff in general doesn’t seem to be at 100% in any context).

The Ribauldquin, has no min distance. Had an army of 20 knights right on top of 2, they shredded them. Every other siege has min distance before it could shoot, I don’t see why these would be any different.

I think the foundation is there for AOE4 hopefully the devs are on the ball to fix some of these things.

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Agree with all but cant highlight enough myself how much I feel the absence of stances. It is so annoying seeing my units running where they please outside castle walls in harm’s way. If only I had the defensive stance. Hold position present in the game is fir different purposes and will not suffice.