Another complain about matchmaking system

This matchmaking is a totally shit. After like a 30 sec I (plat I) get paired with 3 diamonds + 1 plat. Like, the what?! In season 3 I saw a lot of situation like this, too many, so maybe someone can finally fix this shit?

b4 game starts someone will probably say"wtf matchmaking"
if game starts and during “this shit matchmaking”
if game starts and ends “this matchmaking”

Maybe your elo is similar to the diamonds. I just finished my rankeds and I’m in gold III, and I’m getting paired with plat III and diamond I.

When I win I get near 40-50 points, and when I lose i lost near 3-6 points.

No, I am barely Platinum I

One “trick” I do is when the searching lasts longer of
1:30 minutes, I cancel and start again.

The longer the search lasts, the more the delta elo.

Example, if your elo is 1000, and the search lasts for 4 minutes, you can end up paired with a guy with 1200 elo. I don’t remember the exact elo delta’s, but there are posted in the forum.

But definitively if you do this you will find more balanced matches.

I know about it. The latest case of unfair matchup I’ve experienced was after 30 seconds. I wouldn’t have any complain if this results came after few minutes, but almost immediately?

In this case I don’t know. I know in team games elo team is calculated with the arithmetic mean of each member of the team, which is unfair, because a 1200-1200-1000 team can be matched against 1400-1000-1000.

IIRC the quantity of rank in the platinum and diamond levels is less than gold. Like gold 1 is 700-800, II is 800-900, III is 900-1000. But each tier of platinum is only worth 50 rank. So the difference between diamond and platinum is smaller than the difference between gold and platinum. At least by the numbers. We all know the skill difference between diamond and platinum 1 is pretty big. I’m also platinum 1 and I experience the same frustration and intimidation when matching against a diamond.

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WTF I am plat1/gold3 and lose more than reach. I need to win like 3 games to take back my points lost after 1 defeat.

I got infinity pingpong between gold 3 and plat1 because after I reach plat my opponents are mostly conq and after I fall down to the gold 3, instantly I got bronze players as my opponents .

Because of that I got only easy win or fast defeat…

That doesn’t seem to make sense. Normally you lose less points when your elo is higher than your rank.

This is why when you lose you lost a few points and when you win you win more, because the system wants to find the balance between your elo and your rank.

The case you are describing maybe is the opposite, maybe your rank is higher than your elo, and that’s why you lose more points when losing and your gains are fewer.

relative to the average elo, when you lose you will always lose more and win less. i have observed this for quite some time now.