Another English Mastery Q!

Hello again folks,

So I’ve managed to get to level 65 and have a few masteries with each civilisation, but English is my chosen one to develop and I’m up to Mastery 18. My problem is that nothing I do seems to get me past level the level which involves destroying 20 enemy units using trebuchet shattering missile technology. No matter how many buildings I destroy - could be 50! - I never seem to win this mastery, no matter whether I make them in a keep or in a siege weaponry. It says I need to research the technology itself at a keep but I don’t have that option, only my siege weaponry allows me to do the upgrades, just as my stables etc only give me the knight upgrades and the keep just produces units.

Edit: Do I need to kill troops with the trebuchet, it doesn’t seem possible to get moving units this way?

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!


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To complete the challenge you must destroy UNITS, not buildings. This is why the unique English technology that makes trebuchets do area damage is part of the challenge, because it makes it easier than a regular trebuchet.

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You have to kill units with trebuchets. I made it against AI. I made like 10 trebs and some units in front of them for defense.


I completed this recently and adopted the tactic that was mentioned in a previous thread on this (lol, may be a sign that this mastery is too much or that the tech is a bit weak, devs):

Load a Black Forest game with Hard/Hardest AI. Give AI space (can go for bigger map to make that easy).

Wall the AI off with some palisade wall and gates.

Setup trebuchets to defend the gates.

Build a wonder to make AI aggressive, repairing the gates if needed.

They’ll end up bunched up around the gate. And don’t forget to actually research the needed tech, ofc.


This mastery was one of very few where I cheesed it by playing a game against the AI starting in imperial with max resources. I can’t remember what difficulty AI I went for, but I made nothing but trebuchets. When you have tens of trebuchets all constantly shooting at enemy units, you will get lucky and kill some of them. It should be easier now than when I did it, because the tech was bugged and had no effect back then, so you could be raining projectiles down on units and doing zero damage to them unless you got extremely lucky and directly hit one. Spread the trebuchets out so you’re killing units as they attack the trebuchets.

Hey guys, so I’m back, I finally did the mastery today lol! So I went into the black forest against a Chinese AI and gained control of the game. Hitting those guys was so difficult, wow, but I finally managed it by making about 20 trebuchets and setting them to hit the ground continually in every direction so every time an enemy came near me they ran into their path somehow. It was hit and miss to say the least, feel like this mastery is stupidly difficult, glad it’s done!