Another maphacker spotted (1v1 conq level)

I know this thread is gonna be deleted.
All I wanna do is raise awareness of the EXTEND of this maphacking investation, even in higher elo.
This can’t be tolerated any longer.
Something HAS to happen ASAP.
And reports don’t have been showing any effects so far.

So I just had my final match to get into 1v1 conqueror for the first time and I’m super happy about that.
Been trying for a while.
This match was a challenge, as my enemy used maphack.
His micro was pretty shit and his multitasking as well, but he always knew what I was gonna do and where I was vulnerable and where he could fight without meeting my main army.

the player

the match

After we had a small battle for bounty/denying bounty at the top of the map, he walked away with his scout.
When he was far away and had no vision on the area anymore, he placed multiple waypoints, 2 of them being attack-orders onto 2 wolves in the FOG OF WAR.

I mean, how dumb can you be, to have your match history public and do this kind of cheating?
People will just keep reporting you and you’ll get banned - oh wait!
Nothing happens when you get reported, I forgot.

I just really hope all these maphackers get a permaban.

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Just use the report tool and stop doing spam in the forum plis.