Another possible solution to wonder victory in team games

Wonders are too cheap in team games. I think we can all agree. There are some suggestions:

  • Decrease mapsize, so you get to them fatser (should be done anyways)
  • Increase timer
  • Increase cost (i.e. by 2250 per additional player, which would equal sending 3000 ressources with the trade tax)

Now here is my suggestion: Have the default wonder timer be:
15 min for 1v1
30 min for 2v2
60 min for 3v3
120 min for 4v4

BUT whenever someone builts a wonder 50% is reduced from the current timer. So if all people built a wondre in a 4v4 game its still 15 min… but that requires all players to imp and to invest ressources.

Likewise, if a wonder was destroyed and it was not the last of the teams wonders increase the timer again. (Double it, or add a couple of minutes and double it) - this would, on the one hand, prevent wonder blowouts


yeh wonders are seriously broken atm and ruining the game, on closed maps in team games its a race to get the wonder up while other players rush.
A wonder with 15min timer should not be able to get put up by 16mins into the game…

Now with siege being slower, and lower HP its going to be almost impossible to kill a fast wonder.

There needs to be a bigger cost to the team building the wonder so its a risk to go for it. with HRE crazy eco its just too easy for them to get it up so fast with not much detriment to the team.

I like your ideas.

I would not build a wonder if time is >20 min, i would rather surrender. Life is too short to sit there at a stalemate for 2 hours waiting for a wonder victory

But agree with the smaller map or greater resources