Any advice on how to stop getting tilted at lamers?

I hate lamers so much that when they lame my blood boils I don’t even want to play anymore I call them scum and resign… I know I probably need therapy lmao but how do I enjoy the game without caring about lamers?

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grab your scout, click it towards the enemy base, once you’re there, right click on a boar, and lead it back to your base. 1:1

Say “nice lame” in the chat. Beat the lamer. feel good.

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its so hard to do this without my scout dying :frowning:

load up a game vs the AI, and keep practicing.

don’t hate the player. hate the game

this is 100% microsoft’s fault for not patching it out

Laming is a skill, it is considered problematic above 2000 Elo because there it depends too much on randomness, but that’s not the case for 90% of us, and my feeling is that laming is just used as an excuse by people who have poor scouting skills. OP even admits he can’t lame himself, hence, the Elo loss is well deserved in his case.

To answer the original question: to stop getting tilted at lamers, just consider that it is normal part of the game, and that the opponent was better than you. Usually the best counter to a certain strategy is to try it yourself so you see the disadvantages. As you noticed already, laming is not that easy, it requires to scout your stuff fast, find your opponent early (which is risky as you can lose your scout to his TC if you’re focused on something else), then attack the boar and micro your scout to the way home, while not being detected by the enemy scout. That requires luck, skill, and lack of reaction from your opponent, so all in all not something on which you can rely.