Any balance changes DEVS?

The game has not received a balance/civ/card change for 2 patches in a row. Meanwhile, State Militia is such an OP unit for treaty/DM games, that’s the least they could adjust because the unit is seriously broken with the flag ability. Adding the mini home city deck is great especially for competitive players but still, we need more content on the game. I just hope the devs are busy working on the African expansion and I hope it will be super big and interesting. Also, “EVERYONE” hopes that all these bugs/performance issues are fixed ASAP before the African expansion is out.


It seems the devs are preparing for the African expansion, hopefully they fix the bugs and release the expansion at the same time


They should fix the existing problems before creating new ones.

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I am just happy the hotfix fixed the animation bug and also had needed map balance changes. I wonder why the map changes were saved for the hotfix.

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