Any chance of a MOD to return the Fire Pit?

Yes, I now, Microsoft insisted on implementing changes on the USA natives to “match” a more “respectful and modern” perspective. The Aztecs tho…. Hmmm, does not make sense, trust me I’m Mexican. Native blood desendants STILL DANCE on the cultural events, and on altars and stuff. (And we love it by the way)

BUT, again with the game; I really dislike how some villagers are only standing on the plaza. I find myself constantly re-commanding them to the plaza because I think they are Idle. Especially when summoning Aztec Priests. The dance on the fire pit was waaaaaay more effective for letting us now if your villagers/priest were… well, dancing on the pit.

Any chance for a MOD for returning the Fire PIt and the dancing animation? Or at least a more effective way of knowing if villagers are doing… whatever they supposedly do on the plaza?


Ye, I’d use a firepit mod for sure.

Or at least change the animation on the Plaza. Some villagers just standing there creates some visual conflict. Is not the best idea. I just keep thinking they are Idle. But been honest, having the pit back makes more seance to me.

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I’m interested to know if this would cause mismatches in online play tho.

I feel the same way, to assume dances are offensive or tribal as a form of expression is pretty offensive in itself. If anything I believe they should had double down and make the dancing structure and animations, personalized and appropriate to each native civ.

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Maybe an official update of the plaza? Can we ask for that as a comunity? Like keep the “Plaza” name, just change the animation to the dancing one, or another animation, like working on stuff. Just ANYTHING that make them not look like they are idle or just walking around doing nothing.

PD: I feel you bro, the costumes/traditions are nothing to be ashamed. I mean, removing them looks like they are saying “That is wrong, lets deny they actual exist. That NEVER happened” give me a break.

I was thinking that if they insist on getting rid of the firepit, a more interesting replacement to show cooler animations and the political systems of the natives, would be a Council which grants bonuses, by political decisions (aka lets focus on crops, war, initiating warriors into elite ones for battle, etc). So basically the same function but, more accurate (since plazas were actually a central piece in Spain’s city-building for their colonies, not a native creation by any means), more interesting with better animations and personalized for each civ.

Hmm… I have to admit. The council Idea makes much much more sense than the actual “plaza thing”. Yeah, with a animation of them like sitting down and discussing stuff. PLUS, like ageing up via council? that sounds cool! AND actually make sense.


I asked the devs to please change the animation of the plaza to better resemble natuve settlements, where there is one person speaking and other people sitting and learning. Also, as the old firepit had different colour for the fire if you were using an economic or military dance (great visual aid, btw), they could build weapons and practice against each other for military ceremonies. I like the plaza as a concept but I knew it was going to be divisive and that the animations should be better if they wanted to sell it. The animation is no good, no one there should be walking except the llamas, they should be doing something and I hope they change it. (Should have been released with other animations but there’s still time I guess?)

Glad you like the idea :slight_smile: