Any coop map with close TC for allies?

I started playing AoE2DE with friend. He is not new to the game, but played it looong ago.
Cos of that medium dificulty against 3+3 PCs is hard for us, cos I need to keep him protected and have some army to harass enemies.

I’m looking for a map where our starting TCs will be very close even on Enormous map, so I could keep him safe same time i protect my town with castles and little army.

Any included map or settings will give me that?
If not are there unofficial maps with what I need?


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Lombardia spawns with very close allied positions and very far opposing positions. It can get claustrophobic with finding space to build sometimes.


Thanks, we’ll check it tomorrow

Yeah Lombardia like the other guy said. Besides that only hill fort comes to mind.

Nomadic starts allow you to build tc’s close as well. Michi puts a forest between your team and enemy team. Black Forest is easily wallable. Amazon forest is like BF but you and your team are close together. Team islands could work too, but has water of course.

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I agree with the suggestions so far, lombardia/ hill fort/ Amazon Forest all good choices

I add:
Team Moats (not islands) You start with very small ring of water around you and a land bridge, simple to wall at the front. I don’t know if AI would dock to raid but it’s unlikely.

Hideout: I think you start pretty close, and with palisade walls already.

Possibly costal forest: You start close to enemy, but one of you starts next to enemy and the other starts behind their ally. I don’t know if you can force starting locations but if you are the one closer to the enemy then your friend should be pretty safe behind your whole base.