Any Game Screenshots

I feel like the forums is feeling ghostly just a little bit, and it seems like threads are all about the flaws in the game. The game is still playable nonetheless, imo.

What about a thread where we can post our screenshots along with descriptions ? Some positivity and showing the game is playable can maybe help the developpers change their mind and actually try to fix their mistakes.

The screenshot can be anything, a victory you’re proud of, a funny moment in the game, something unusual, an intense battle, go for it! I want to see some pictures :smile:

I’ll start the ball rolling…

This was a deathmatch, and seeing the settings at ‘Standard’ I thought hm… let’s go for a wonder right off the bat for the lols. So I picked Babylonians because of their high-hp towers and high-hp walls. (And also because it’s my favorite civilisation I guess, but I know it isn’t good for death match in conquest i usually swap to romans for this purpose)

One teammate quit before I even get to place the wonder. And green was visibly not ready for any attack. My civilisation would never have had pound against three DM players. The whole game was therefore centered around my wonder.

The results :

Winning by a HAIR. Literally by a HAIR. One more ‘year’ in-game and the wonder was destroyed. xD You can even see these catapult rocks falling towards the building and the last villagers standing desesperately trying to repair it.

I kept this screenshot because of the shock effect after realizing how close I came to death :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also a lesson of ‘Never give up’ :wink:

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The game looks really good. I can’t wait to see what they do with AoE II DE.