Any Gurjaras Build Order?

Although the sheep in mills is useful, I still find it difficult to get a steady food income, hence my villager production is slow and the build up is sloppy because of this.

Any good Gurjaras build order I can find? I don’t seem to find any in these build order sites.

I usually just go 8 on berries (and boar), pull boar on 6th vill to maintain food income.
Then three on wood, then a house and rest goes to boar/deer/berries as well.
From there just treat your berries as sheep and push as much deer as you can.

Edit: forgot to mention, but you will build your mill asap (right after the initial houses) and cut stagger trees until you can afford your lumber camp.

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Worth mentioning this is old and the food generation from garrisoning sheep has since been nerfed.

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True, although I don’t think it makes that much difference to the build. Maybe just make one extra villager 20 pop up instead of 19

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Good question!
This site here has build order specifically for Gurjaras:

Select Gurjaras as the Civ and you will see the build orders listed.

Hope that helps!