Any ideas on what changes are coming to USA?

In the last patch the devs said that changes were still coming for the USA, especially to the cards, but it wouldn’t be until a future update. I play the USA quite a lot and so I’m getting a little anxious - what sorts of changes do we think are coming?


I think age up cards need a bit of rebalance, some of them are totally useless while others are must have.


Tennessee and New Jersey stand out to me as needing a fair amount of rework. Tennessee I guess can at least be kind of fun for casual meme strats but the math just doesn’t work on New Jersey. Burn an Age 4 card just to deposit resource shipments? Why not just send 3 resource shipments? I guess it isn’t the worst in treaty where you just gets lots of shipments and you exhaust everything but your inf 300 wood.

Any others?

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Weakish ones
Kentucky hunters.
Marion diversions
California gold rush (free villigers but they seem to be much slowerl)
Bushnell sapper corps
New york zauvas (units are totally useless)
Texan forts (good in treary i guess?)
Florida cowhunters (semi fattened after 30 mins, come on…)
Cree alliance stuff

Too good to be true
Chinese immigrants (2 TPs for free, essentially)
Free market upgrades
Rebuilding one factory

Off the top of my head… .


Oh man I love the kentucky hunters and california gold rush! The kentucky one after a drawn out age 2 fight can pop out 20+ sharpshooters all at once, worth 1800+ resources. The cree alliance is great after sending 1st Michigan (another one of my favorites)

I main USA so I’m also anxious. I have always said all you need to do to give players better diversity in the age ups they use, is make the capitol card (Virginia general assembly) a normal age 2 card you can put in your deck, and the factory (New Hampshire Manufacturing) an age 3 card.

The problem is on 95% of MU’s and maps you have to age up with these, so by making them normal cards you would see different strategy’s.


Agreed. Factory is mandatory in age3 due to slow villigers start and lack of villigers cards.

Capitol is mandatory for fast age up.


Kentucky is just overshadowed by Virginia.


More of a niche thing, but when I feel a game teetering I can usually push it right over the edge with that shipment.

Maybe I’m just not that good but I usually go up with Delaware or Pennsylvania. New Hampshire for the all important napoleon guns :blush:

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You are sort of doing an all-in. The problem with usa is their slow economy start. This is why you mostly want to virginia age2, get to age3 asap and build a factory.

The only real choices are age4 and age5.
The age3 factory is a sticky one, not sure how they will handle it.

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I’m usually doing the mill thing or capitalism into dutch immigrants, and then using the church shipments to fend off minor pressure. Im usually not racing, I do a little dancing in age 2 knowing I still have Irish immigrants and hamiltonian economics doing work for me. I still normally go new Hampshire and grab the factory, but sometimes I go Kentucky because of how strong that sharpshooter card can get.

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I thought is common senses what kind of Bayonet and what it look like used by Musketeer during 16th-19th Century…
The answer definitely is Socket Bayonet.


Move Gatling gun to Industrial Age or Imperial Age and allow US to train Falcon.
Because Gatling gun was mainly use on American Civil War and American Indian War, review by timeline its belong to Second Industrial’s masterpiece, that’s why its ridiculous to replace Falcon at Fortress Age.
It’s should move to Industrial Age or Imperial Age like African Royals and allow US to train Falcon as well, or give US “Capture Falcon” Card at Fortress Age similar to “Capture Rocket” Card at Industrial Age.


The update preview beta is now available.

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No changes to US yet, i think

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According to the notes Louisiana Purchase got nerfed hard, but that’s it for now. Pay 1000 gold to send an ally a town center… Only breaks even in 3v3 or 4v4, compared with shipping yourself a town center in age 3.

The US did have normal cannons before gats. I wouldn’t complain about that change but I doubt its what the devs want to do.

Lol when are they going to fix carbine cavalry? Javalin riders are better in almost every way and to rub salt in the wound they even cost less resources and pop.

That card was hugely OP. It wasn’t just a TC shipment, it was a team TC shipment and every existing and newly built TC spawning a herd of buffalo.


Yeah I have taken to training cowboys if I need goons. We’re all expecting a buff to carbine cav but it may come in the form of a reworked Lee’s Legion.