Any microtransaction worries?

WIll there be skins or animations that requires you to pay for it?

This is not Fortnite, mate, wtf.


i think the devs said that wont happen, however I wouldnt have any problem with cosmetic stuff


my worry is overpriced DLC


Just the blood DLC that adds blood to all the animations for 5 dollars. lol j/k this isnt total war.

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Maybe on Halo Infinity

Why microtransactions? We pay a lot for this game. I bought AoE II as I was a child there was a book inside the box, with every unit and building explained in detail. I miss the old times… We got so much for the money.


I want this for aoe2. either a subscription model or skins, for online play.
I prefer a sub since they won’t waste time on skins.

but code was way less complex back then.
but yea I also miss them. I still remember where I bought my Z (bitmap brothers) copy. in paris, france in a virgin media store.
glorious times.

we still get a LOT for the money :wink:
its just that (as mentioned above) games became a lot more complex.

The point i microtransactions per se I dont see as a negative, especially if its only cosmetical - purely optional addons :wink:

The game itself will be completely without, and if its worth it for you, you can deccide to get certain cosmetics.

DLC on the other hand should be part of the game, just as add-ons were back in the day-

I didn’t see anything in-game that would or could support microtransactions known from many multiplayer or online service games.
Not a lot of room (and time) to implement such weird systems. I don’t expect anything other than mid-sized DLCs (USA civ for 3DE) and normal expansions.


A Season Pass would bring more competitive the scene and could fit for both kind of players: the free pass (with less rewards) and the premium pass (with all rewards) with a progression level.

You don’t want to pay? No problem, get into the free pass, all would be purely aesthetic.

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finally someone on here that I can agree with, as opposed to:

DLCs and skins would just bog down the coding pipeline for the core components of the game.
I say
free pass: single player only (since the Relic questionnaires say 75% of RTS play single)
subscription mode/ season pass: access to the age2 online component

the only downside to a sub model is potentially inadvertently keeping out people under 18 years old.

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but code was way less complex back then.

It’s kinda true but also not.
While you have more lines of code in todays big games, you also have much better tools to help you create them. I don’t think the programmers side of things has gotten much harder, if anything it has gotten more convenient.

@FoolForALife sure but you also have way bigger teams and everything is way more fragmented. You only have the heads of the departments talking to each other etc. (from what little of game development I know of)

Yes, we can agree on that for sure. I was only answering because you specifically mention the complexity of code, while complexity of game development as a whole was probably what you were infering.

I doubt it. It would leave a sour taste with too many people.

Still on this? Come off it, m8. It’s a pipe dream.

A very poorly thought out pipe dream.