Any modding tutorial?

Hello there.
Because I am very new to modding Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition (to be exact, I tried to replace some test textures, but that didn’t work, even if the game displayed that the mod was loaded), I want to know how to mod properly. So, is there anyone who could tell me what I should do to replace textures and units? (sadly, I noticed that you can’t change the 3D files…)


So, I still got no answer. So, another question, that I started to ask myself:
Is this definitive edition a flaw in terms of modding?

The path should look like
mods\local\Winded Art Mod\Art\ …
continue based on location of the file you’re replacing.

It is the first time in history that AoE3 has an officially supported modding platform, so that’s pretty good for modding.

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Thanks for answering :slight_smile:.
So, the way I’ve done it before is that I compressed the files to a bar file and used the
path in there. So, is the usage of bar files for modding obsolete now?

Yes, you don’t need to put anything into bar.