Any nerf to humbaraci soon?

devs always kill the game with some unbalance thing.
i dont care if you say that is not overpowered.
Its just bad playing a game where a civ is really really good on team games, better than all civs.
i stopped playing this game because of that unbalance, the problem is that this unbalanced things last years.
i know there are 8k people playing right now, but its not enjoyable for me and many friends i know, otoman on team games is a must picking, unless you want to die by humbaraci, abus etc.
humbaraci is created very very fast, very very cheap, and easily protected, only cavalry can kill it but cavalry can easily die being snipped by dragons, and cavalry always get mixed up when trying to atack.

Its not a enjoyable game anymore FOR ME

you know it dies to skirms right? same with goons protecting them.
even with 16range its 30% armor isnt going to save it vs equal res of skirms
usualy in teams its the abus into gg people hate

edit for 16 speed, meant 16 range. god help us all if that happens XD


I know, that they trade bad vs skirms, but humbaraci are a really annoying unit anyway. You need tons of skirmishers and they take like forever to kill - it doesnt feel rewarding to barely stop such a stupid monocomb…

Sometimes “trading good” doesnt cut it, especially when they nuke your factories, because u didnt spam walls / didnt look for 2 minutes

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The last part is somewhat true for all types of grenadiers not just humbaraci

Its not like otto needed humbaracis, but its probably not any more op in those situations as opri or fast dutch halbs russian grens inca in general etc. I dont know about balance, but maybe someday an anti factory malus or something? But i don’t think these are OP units just another super strong otto unit that can ruin your day.

Im not up to par on ffa/4v4 metas tho is this the new giant grenadier point and click into gg unit of choice now?

no i dont think they are OP… not on pre-patch giant gren lvl, its just super annoying. You see someone spam Humbaracis and know how to counter it, but u also know it will take forever. I’m also no expert in ranked teamgames, but in casual lobbies many beginners really struggle to deal with it… countering with skirms just doesnt feel good and they will stop trying and use worse units instead.

yeah, but on opris atleast u see that the counter is working… also extremly satisfying to use minuteman against them. Russian gren spam is comparable, but the humbaracis antiartillery bonus is a big plus (i dont want to change that btw!)

It is.
It’s the single best units for walking through a base and breaking everything.

I think you need to rush otto early instead of getting to those situations

LoL… just LoL…

20 characters

im talking about grenadiers with 2.5 area with 16 range of siege attack, that destroy the barrack with 1 shot, and are created in half time than skirmish.

yes abun gun is very good, i cannot make a post for each unit. otoman is very good on team games, this game has been known that many civs are extremely op like sweden was for 1 year, the game is really bad. bye game

opri is not op…
oprichnik dies to dragons, to any cavalry practically and many others, oprichniks is weak versus everything except light infantry. oprichnik has 6 range

otoman humbaraci can destroy more buildings than oprichniks with a lower risk of losing army because their unique counter is cavalry and cavalry get mixed up when attacking. humabraci has 16 siege range

the game always becomes inclined to what they modified, always they make something new very very very good and better than the rest of units on the game. Its a really bad idea when everyone is seeking for balance.
Its just a really really bad game.
i loved the game but not anymore. bye

with players that pick late gameplay deck?
on black forest?
i think i need to pick otto always to win.

But why can’t you pick a aggressive deck? Most of team game players have some aggressive decks anyway. And why black forest lol it is a special case. Ypu can’t pick one single map where one unit is OP on that single map, and say the unit is OP overall. On most maps rush is possible.

The point is your team need to be more aggressive if you see opponent is full of late game decks. Picking late game decks give themselves disadvantage in early and mid game, it is easy to punish that. However if you play late game when knowing opponent has a late game deck, obviously they will have the advantage. Picking the right strategy and corresponding deck is part of the decision making in aoe3.

because i cant decide what my team pick on lobby game, the point is why a civ is overpowered on late game over all civs? the otoman units are overpowered, its easy to protect them, really hard to kill them, damage per second is insane. There is no doubt about it, discussing this its bad. I just quit the game. thanks aoede3 for eveything.
you not gonna teach me i have 3500 hours of game.

The lobby games are uncontrollable. You can have every game unbalanced. The unbalance between random players’ skill is bigger than unbalance among civs.

Yeah quit the game. No one welcome you back. I have 4000+ hours, I don’t think the game is perfectly balanced but i still occasionally play it. I don’t think it is a huge issue especially for aoe3 with asymmetrical civ design. I can still enjoy it from time to time. (Compared to aoe2 which has symmetrical civ design, which is supposed to be more balanced, but it is not. Late game black forest there are op civs like celts/teutons/bohemians/koreans/ethiopians etc…that a non-op civ simply has no answer to.) So in this regard aoe3 actually has done a good job balancing, by using different card combinations players can choose to play early or late game.

So lobby games giving you unfun experience is not the fault of civs. It is the nature of lobby games. It is meant for casual, random and usually unbalanced games. If you want balanced games always go for ranked (which i assume you don’t want to play because it is too competitive). On ranked 4v4 the whole team usually has a clear plan and if they see opponent pick otto and goes full treatie deck, they will all rush together. The Otto late game deck picker has no chance there at all.

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I had a game not too long ago that made myself and two friends I play with decide we needed them too.

They take quite a while to kill, and all the while are destroying critical infrastructure. Given the AOE and speed Humbaraci also trade better than they should into skirms.

Imo they do need some kind of nerf. If you compare the resources used in them vs Grenadiers the difference for what you get is pretty crazy. Also the guard up reduces coin cost and in age 4 the cheaper units card reduces their cost by 20%.

I’d say remove the Grenade Launchers card from the Ottoman homecity and they should be fine.

Ottomans players also don’t need a lot of cards to make them good late game. 2 combat cards, + School, + AA, + Cheaper units + Grenade Launchers (six cards is pretty doable since they help other stuff too). All that can easily fit into a semi aggressive Ottoman deck. Then their team can cover the rest. Most of those cards help Abus too.

Half the time?
The best access otto has is 40% reduction same with literally any civ with fencing school. You also forget range 16 is thr same as the worst lihht infantry range
Dont make stuff up or overstate a unit…if these things are nasty base breakers in ffa ok. They aren’t winning skirm duels vs people who know how to spread formation or kite cost effective. to have good balance discussion, you want to have accurate info and identify the modes or matchups a unit is allegedly OP. My instinct as a haude player when seeing these is “lmao thank god its not abus/CA” but not everyone in 1v1 or treaty has FP level units of skirm.

They’re annoying for sure, but nowhere NEAR as disgusting as Abus + anything or Azap + cannon. What mixing Humbaraci in with anything does is make the whole formation that much more vulnerable to hand cavalry, or ranged cavalry ####### into melee.

As a USA main seeing Humbaraci makes me very happy as it means no Abus. Sharpshooters pick off the Cavalry Archers or Azaps (if not both) while I simply micro Carbine Cavalry into melee mode and cut down the Humbaraci and any supporting cannons. Humbaraci are also more vulnerable to cannon than their multipliers suggest since all cannons bar the Chinese flamethrower(?) outrange them.

Portuguese have it even easier the later the game goes as the Dragoons scale better, and Cassadores are still fantastic.

bro i think you are noob people have given you the answer they are bad against infantry,normal grenadiers hold themselfs better.Also Ottomans are not op there are lots of civ stronger than them