Any new update on the 2023 road map after season 4?

Has there been any update for what is planned for season 5 and the rest of 2023? Season 4 ends in less than 2 months and I haven’t been able to find a single update on what is planned.

Gives the feeling that the company is dropping the game and ending support soon and will be run with a skeleton crew of a few developers just to manage the game.


It has been managed by skeleton crew since launch.

They have another group dedicated to DLC features. But, be assured that what has been delivered outside of that so far in the almost 2 years since launch, could’ve been accomplished by exactly what you’re describing as a skeleton crew.

Don’t worry though. They’re doing the same with CoH3. This is the Relic strategy, and it isn’t an anomaly.

Yeah we desperately need some new civs.

It’s coming on may , the roadmap is coming on may , the devs said so on the discord

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I find it odd that they don’t publish this kind of news on their official forums for the game as most people don’t check their discord server.