Any news about the future of the game?

Why all this silence for months? Do we have any news about the next big patch or next DCL of Aoe2 DE? In the past we were getting information and updates/events regularly. I hope the game isn’t abandoned…


Maybe there will be something interesting on 25th anniversary. Though I’ve little to no expectation for a new DLC.

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i hope they fix pathing


Don’t worry, aoe2 will definitely be abandoned. What they really want to promote has always been aoe4.


I think a large DLC like The Forgotten DLC could be nice (5 civs + 10 campaigns) for 25th anniversary.


  1. Tarascans
  2. Chimú
  3. Muisca
  4. Siamese
  5. Mamelukes


  1. Tarascans - Tariacuri
  2. Chimú - Ñancempinco
  3. Muisca - Saguamanchica
  4. Siamese - Borommarachathirat II
  5. Mamelukes - Baybars
  6. Chinese - Yongle Emperor
  7. Koreans - Sejong the Great
  8. Mayans - Pakal the Great
  9. Turks - Mehmed II
  10. Romans - Constantine the Great or pope Leo the Great

Brand new Architecture Sets:

  1. Andean (current Native American would be renamed into Mesoamerican) (Incas, Chimú and Muisca civs)
  2. Chinese (current East Asian would be renamed into Japanese) (Chinese and Vietnamese civs)
  3. Nomadic (Mongols, Huns and Cumans civs)
  4. Caucasian (Georgians and Armenians civs)
  5. Italian (current Mediterranean would be renamed into Iberian) (Italians, Romans and Sicilians civs)

Communication (at least on social platforms) is almost malfunctional.

When is the last time you see anyone from the official side replying on this forum or discord?


So…a few things.

First, AoM is right around the corner. So a slowdown for everything else wouldn’t be implausible.

Second, for quite a while we’ve been getting a substantive update about bi-monthly. Last substantive update was april 30th. So if they drop a substantive update by the end of the month, then that wouldn’t be too unusual.

Third, all that being said, I have to agree with @ArrivedLeader22. After V&V you’d think that you’d communicate…something. putting out the deceptively marketed, cash grab, V&V then going radio silent is not a good look.


And then return again in 10 years after Aoe4’s death.

And we thought there are different teams for different games of the franchise. Though all are published by Microsoft. So maybe MS is busy with AOM right now and don’t have time for AoE2.

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So it would make sense to me that you’d have different teams of developers working on the different games, or at least the different engines. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have someone working on aoe2 with the genie engine and then have them move back and forth to aoe4, aoe3, aom, etc.

Maybe aoe3 and aom, using the same engine, are similar enough where that isn’t a problem for those two games, but regardless that wouldn’t explain why aoe2 has slowed down.

However, there are things that are technology agnostic. playtesters, scenario design, art, sound design, etc. I imagine those people can be moved around more easily.

It could be a lot of work is still occurring on aoe2, but it’s solely debugging, as everyone else has been temporarily re-assigned. Which is consistent with what we’ve seen with recent updates. Everything from May and June was almost exclusively bug fixes. Even the “map balance” changes from may 16th, if you read the patch notes, are largely bug fixes. And bug fixes just aren’t as visible as new content and balance changes.

Again tho, some communication, some expectation setting, would be nice.


What battles would encompass his campaign?

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Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, Sack of Aquileia, Sack of Rome (455)


If we did get a Roman perspective of this battle, it would be interesting if an Alans civ were added in the same DLC, with a Goar campaign featuring their perspective.

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That’s is literally the least we can demand. (Yeah, strong word. I know).

AoM, just like AoE 2, is handled by Forgotten Empires together with Tantalus.

I always wondered how these FE guys could still keep their jobs, with months of zero (or negative) progress on all the game breaking bugs.

It makes sense if they are forced to shift focus onto AoM. But not having a dedicated team to AoE2 is the stupidest thing that could happen.

Tbh I’m not entirely sure whether they have separate teams inside FE but it normally should be the case given how I mostly see Tilanus when it comes to AoE 3 as he also made the Napoleonic Era mod for OG AoE 3 before being hired by FE :thinking:

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Any news on new DLCs for AOE2DE? When is the 25th anniversary? Any suspicious uploads?

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Was he the general? Did he actively participate in those battles? Did the armies fought in his name?

Say no more

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AOE4’s death was its launch.


On the other hand, communicating without having anything to show would just make them look worse.