Any news on the challenge scenarios? (Mongol Raiders, Barbarossa Brawl)

It’s now over a year ago since it was announced that we get “a home for all the scenarios and leaderboards” in the future. Are the devs still working on it or have they already forgotten about it? These challenges were really cool and the ability to compete with other players in terms of score was also great.

Quote from the update notes:

While the Barbarossa Brawl replaces the Mongol Raiders scenario, don’t worry; we’re working on a home for all the scenarios and leaderboards in the future!


It should open up a new SP experience in these types of scenarios; as historical battle lost in which the only objective is to survive as long as you can
For example, Playing as Byzantines in the fall of Constantinople against the Turks


I hope they haven’t forgotten about this. Even though I’m not usually the one who likes to compete via those challenges, it would be nice if those who want to do that could. Considering they’ve promised us a lot of bigger and smaller updates in the following years, it is likely to happen sooner or later.


Play the @PhillySouljah scenario The Last Romans if you want to play as Byzantines during the fall of Constantinople. It’s really really hard though.