Any plan to add more server locations?

Hi, this topic might be just another complain about the brazil server, but all my team games are being played in this server, because in my time zone latin america is the most active region just with one south american player and all players are forced to play in brazil south server, for most of ppl we might be close but Mexico is not south america, in fact it is north america, brazil is even far away than europe for us, i have better ping with japan, auz, europe is always low ping for us.

So i don’t want to keep playing in the worst server available for my region just because one player, i know all usa or canadian players suffer the same and they have been complaining for brazil server for months, the solution is simple.

Add an America Central server, that should fix all lag for North america region and the saturation in br server.

Even at 1x1 in brazil server the ping is 400 ms, the experience is worse than voobly, units and path finding are unplayable under that latency.

i heard about the server in Brazil…