Any possibility of Lord of the East or something else?

We’re going to see two European civs in Lord of the West DLC.

The devs said they may not add any more civs. However, they added.

Given this, would there possibility of addition of something like The Lord of East?

I personally there need Tibetans and Jurchens when the East is concerned.

But… the problem is how Chinese, especially Chinese government would think. :wink:

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Idk. Maybe poke around Indians, Japanese and Koreans. A bit of three kingdom shenanigans might also be fine, as that part was featured in some historical battles as well as lots of Chinese TV shows and games.

We dont need any more new civs. It is already quite bad we get another two in the next DLC.

If i had to decide, then i wouldnt add the two new civs into the DLC. I would put Battle Royale or stuff like that in its place. Maybe add some capture age features, so we get better spectator features. That would result in a much better DLC.

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That’s a non-seller for the SP crowd. No singleplayer will purchase a DLC for this price tag for Battle Royale or Spectator features which mostly are for the MP crowd.

People have been asking around all over the place for new civs, not very surprising that we get some.


How about Poland Armenia and georgia (3 christian kindoms from estern europe and all are christian so an dlc with those civs should be named Kindoms of The Faith)

Lords of the East - Khitans, Jurchen
Buddhist themed DLC - Tibetans, Siamese

I only say remove the new civs, add something else. You can still have new campaigns. Even ideas like having different skins for every units depending on the region of the civ is something that we could add for SP.

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Workshop is there for something. As long as they won’t allow adding civs via the Workshop, there will be civs in DLCs.

Definitely would love to see that. It seems we’re getting unique castle graphics which is nice.

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