Any support?

Soo will we be getting any support for age of mythology any time soon? The game is in dire need of fixes.

Just another petition of the players to ask for support.
But it seems we dont even get a community manager.

Blatant rip from the reddit for AoM:

Hey everyone,
As you all know, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition has various issues that include, but are not limited to:

  • Online lag
  • Poor performance (GPU optimization)
  • Gameplay bugs (pathing, commands being ignored)
  • Visual issues (texture deterioration, lack of 4bit alpha support)
  • Balance problems
  • Missing functionalities (pre-made team matchmaking)
  • No real support as promised by Microsoft
    In order to overcome all these, a petition was created to make Microsoft consider investing into fixing the game here:
    I would urge you to sign this, and to help spread the word about the petition.The more people sign it, the more powerful our voice becomes. Bear in mind that over a million people bought the game. We need to get to a number that is relevant in comparison to that.
    How can you help?
  • Tell a friend about the petition
  • Make a video and share everywhere relevant
  • Mention it on your stream, e.g. make your chat bot do so
  • Tell people who left negative reviews on steam
  • Urge others to actively support it
    Why is this important? Why is EE the community’s future as opposed to voobly?
  • Steam has over a hundred million users
  • During sales, thousands buy the game each time
  • EE has fantastic observer features, and has a new faction
  • Matchmaking
  • Thousands of players in game at a time (counting single player)
  • Everyone plays on the same balance
  • Plug and play mods
  • Compatible with modern hardware (no workarounds needed to use the game)
    These factors are in some form or another, undermined by the game’s problems. As a community, if we can get the issues to be fixed, there is no limit to how much we can exploit these advantages.

Do not forget to sign the petition to try and get support for our beloved AoM!

@smitske said:
Do not forget to sign the petition to try and get support for our beloved AoM!

Awesome smitske, I was just about to make this post/topic (I’m the person that wrote on the Steam workshop).

I agree with everything above and I sincerely hope that we will see future support of AoM: EE.

(strange, I wasn’t able to change my nickname here on the forum, when creating my account)

The approval rate on steam for ToTD is 39 percent, is really nobody going to look at that and do something about the bad quality?

A shame.

Its sad really, community members even made community patches, tested everything and still M$ refuses to fix the game. The community did a lot of work for them and still they refuse to even just patch that. Such a bad developers.