Any tips on how to find the enemy monk converting my units?

I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem…

You’re attacking your enemy’s building and suddenly you hear the sound of a monk attempting to convert one of your units… you look around, trying to find the offending unit, only to get lost in the chaotic sea of battle - you can’t find the stupid freaking monk! He blends in behind a buildings and is camouflaged by a hoard of other enemy units.

Then, you hear the dreaded unit converted chime, and only hope you can find the dang monk again.

Is there any way to help me find the enemy monk? Any mods to help fix this? (Similar to the Idle Villager Pointer which makes idle villagers much more noticeable ).

Thanks in advance!


I would also like to be able to immediately identify monks, who are converting my units. I think, that it would be best to display it like CaptureAge does: Line between monk and convertable unit + information about estimated remaining conversion time.

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There is nothing for MP still, and honestly sneaky monks is what wins battles, as you learn to micro. The trick is to send the army back, or youll just loose. I recommend the vululu mod, since then u cant really ignore the conversion, you hear a vululu and just start sending back the units. good luck ^^

@belgiantrout Appreciate the reply!

I do move my army back, which sometimes helps. Every so often, the monk will try to follow my army, and come out of hiding. This does help me occasionally, but not enough to reduce the Pavlovian-rage I experience whenever I hear that stupid m’fing conversion chime.

You’d think there’d be some sort of unit mod that would be able to be some sort of solution… I mean, the cpu knows precisely where my monk is… doesn’t seem very fair that the AI can have theirs just hide between buildings.

Hmm… that makes me think… I wonder if there’s much interest in a small buildings mod, similar to small trees. That could help solve the problem.

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Thanks for the reply!

What do you think about a small building mod, similar to small trees mod. That may be a solution…

I wouldn’t use small buildings mod, similarly to like I don’t use small trees mod. I like realistic trees and buildings.
Seeing graphical lines between monks and convertable units would be much more clearer anyway.

Does no-one know about the “show last notification” hotkey??

Pressing it takes you to the last game sound notification’s location. Have it bound to my mouse. I believe the default is Home.