Any tips on how to play Saracens vs Spanish?

I’m having a hard time against them. Scout rush?

What problems are you having facing Spanish ? What maps are you playing ?

I think the main strategy against them should be going camels + skirms or cameks + xbows.

I would expect Saracens Camels to counter everything Spanish can throw at them except halberdiers. And Spanish eco shouldnt be good enough to overwhelm Saracens and their market bonus.

arabia. having hard time stopping conqs and/or forward castles

make archers in feudal and attack him. If he goes straight for castle age you should be able to punish that. If he makes 0 army he can’t go forward with a castle either, so he has to drop it in his base.

crossbows also do pretty good against conqs but you should get early balistics. If you go scouts you have to do a techswitch eventually so i would prefer to go for archers…makes it also harder to defend for him if he trys to wall and stall for castle age…

Go heavy man at arms play in feudal age.

Make pikes and mamelukes on the castle age agains’t conques

pikes in castle age isnt a good idea. He can just outmicro them and u dont have the ressources to spam them.

Its a different story in imp when u can spam them from multiple barracks.

I think strongest play is going heavy on man at arms with upgrades in feudal age. Also have the option to lame or tower his stone if it’s forward. Do everything you can to stop him getting stone for castles.

Pikes on the Feudal age to deal with scout and in castle age make mamelukes e Skirmisher to deal with conque
It’is good too do a rush with archer , sarracens have a archer so good agains’t building , and make shure get castle age earlier with your super market sarracen

If your micro is on point, adding monks behind your units can also be great. Crossbows shouldn’t do too bad after the Conquistador nerf either, so you can just do both.

Lategame, having even just one Castle for some Mameluke production to support your army would be great too.

I don’t think Camels - especially in Castle Age - are a good option, as I’m fairly sure the Conquistadors can just kite them to death. Camels are very fragile after all.

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