Any use for Ayyubid military wing?

Have you tried to successfully go military wing with Ayyubid?
Seems to be the underdog.

I’ve seen the eco and culture wing being used a lot. But military wing doesn’t seem very used, also the second trade wing (not bazaar) also doesn’t seem very useful. The one that give that unit that can go inside production building. Especially if you compare it to delhi tower of victory, or to the abbasyd tech that give hp to infantry… Maybe they should also boost building production speed?

Do you think those wing need a boost?

Yes, go through the military wing, the Ayyubids have a very good siege, both early and late with the camel raiders and the siege towers…

The reinforcement one is nice late game 7 camel raiders every 2 minutes is the equivalent of 630 ressources per min and the unit is pretty good. And making ram with cavalry is nice for punshing a stone wall for raiding.

The Mastersmith is really meh I’m not even sure I would pick it even if it researched the other blacksmith upgrades like military academy or Sultan’s Mamluks like it would allow me to do a more efficient ghulam all in thats about it. And even for this strat atabegs are probably better and I don’t like how atabegs have been implemented currently. In imp it saves you 2k ressources on paper but I would still rather get my 7 camel raiders.

Yes, you don’t have to worry too much…