Any way to change spawn times?

II can’t find any way to adjust the spawn times for any units. I’m guessing the time it takes a unit to spawn is connected to it’s cost as when I made villagers cost 10 food (or coin/wood) instead of the normal 100 they produce very quickly.

I would like to leave the villagers at 0 pop and 10 cost but have them spawn their normal time. Is there any way to do this?

Thank you for your help!

The " spawn time " is <TrainPoints>25.0000</TrainPoints>
Edit: Corrected traintime to trainpoints


So is it weird that my protoy.xml doesn’t have traintime for any units?
If I add that line to all the various units I want to set the time for, it will work?

Also, while my mod is “mostly working”, the AI doesn’t understand that the villagers have 0 pop and the limit is 999. I tried messing around using other AI mods and tried to tell the AI that it has more villagers and not to count them as any pop but nothing I have tried has worked. I was hoping it would be as easy as adding "extern int cvMaxArmyPop = 200; along with extern int cvMaxCivPop = 999; to and putting it in the game folder in my mod folder but that causes an error msg at start.

Do you know of a way of making the AI use 999 villagers? Right now I can beat the AI very easily even on extreme because it plays like the villager cap is normal for the civ.

Is there a location where I can download a complete “unedited” protoy.xml file (and the techtreemod, etc…) with all the default settings? I have to use ones I find in other mods…

Thank you very much for your time and help! I really appreciate it.

The AI has limits coded into the AI to tell it to stop queuing villagers in certain situations. Iirc it stops when it reaches max pop, but I don’t know what happens when you remove that or if the limit is actually based on villager count. There’s also lower limits for lower difficulties programmed in, so that could be one of your issues if you are testing on lower difficulty.

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I’m testing on extreme. They will not build past 100 villagers nor 100 army pop even though they have more pop for army. They will not build more farms/estates, etc… even though they can build a ton with 999 0 pop villagers. There has got to be a way to make them realize it. I found aiheader.xs file that had military and civ pop caps but when I changed them from -1 (which is AI decides) to 200 for military and 999 for civilian it gives an error and the AI won’t work at all.

Much sorry, it was

 		<TrainPoints>25.0000</TrainPoints> ```

I was thinking about the economy and military managers. I’m away from my computer but the loops are called something like “military manager” and “settler monitor”.