Any way to revert to old building-cycle behaviour?

Hi all

Ever since the last patch, the Go-To-Building hotkey cycling behaviour seems to have changed. Previously, if you had multiple TCs, tapping the Go-To-TC hotkey always took you to your first TC, tapping a second time always took you to your second TC, and so on.

But now the game seems to remember which TC you were at previously (which you arrived at using the Go-To-TC hotkey - manually clicking on a TC does not impact the behaviour) and then when you tap Go-To-TC again after selecting something else, it takes you to the next TC in the cycle, instead of the first TC. The order is determined by the order the TCs were built, same as before.

The problem is, it is now very disorienting to cycle through buildings quickly while you are focused on other things, such as defending a rush. Previously, I could just tap the hotkey 3 times to go to my gold TC if my 3rd TC was built on gold and I am floating too much gold and want to make some farms. But now when I tap the hotkey I end up at some seemingly random TC and need a few more seconds to work out where I am and find the TC I am trying to get to.

For context, I am ~2k ELO and this change has made it very hard to cycle through buildings quickly and accurately. For casual gameplay, I am sure this change is not a big deal.

The same behaviour also seems to happen with all other buildings. So if, for example, you have two archery ranges in different parts of the map in a chaotic Black Forest game, previously you could easily queue units in one of them (let’s say it’s the offensive archery range) by tapping once, and you can queue units in the other one (call it the defensive archery range) by tapping twice. Now it is much easier to mess up and end up queueing units in the wrong building while you are busy microing or focusing on something else.

I was just wondering if there is any way to revert back to the previous behaviour?

I made sure that there are no overlapping hotkeys so this is not a hotkey issue, definitely seems the cycle behaviour has changed.

If anyone can tell if there is a way to get the old behaviour, I would really appreciate it.