Any way to stop Italians?

I’m Georgians, and enter an Italian opponent.

For having less starting food in return for the free donkey cart, the best I could do is force drops for the first few villagers. By the time I am ready to go feudal, my opponent is already ahead of me, so I decided to Fast Castle and knight rush him.

In case he attacks first, I brought stone at market, build Castle and towers, and researched Svan Towers at my base and massed Monaspas. It discouraged the enemy player from attacking me, so I send knights to attack the Italian. I did some damage, but i didn’t know he had a backup base elsewhere with a Castle. He switched from his archers to mass Genoese Crossbowmen, and he sniped my knights, one by one.

He then sent his mass Genoese Crossbows and rams at me, and although I managed to hold him off with Monaspas and Castles, he already went Imperial before me, and there he is, his main composition of Genoese Crossbowmen, knights, backed by Bombard Cannons and Trebs, erasing me from the game. I had some Onagers, only to get sniped by his BBC.

As Georgians, could I have done more damage earlier, or Italians is bad matchup for Georgians?

Map is Highland.

Georgeans need BO adjustment: reduce a lumber vil (eg. 3->2 limber vils), and gather food with 1 more vil. Georgeans start with -70F & +100W for 2 mule cart. We can do normal BO with Georgeans by the adjustment.

Georgeans have many kinds of army (except of crossbow), but don’t have a very strong unit (except monaspa)(eg. mongol steppe lancer, Frank paladin). So Georgeans play will be slow and steady. I think you need siege or skirms against genoese crossbows.