Any way to use siege damage versus militar units besides buildings by using siege attack?


some units as we see on this picture has siege attack versus villager but there is no way to attack a villager with siege attack using this unit, right?

so its a thing devs must erase no?


obus dos otomanos tem ataque de cerco assim como os morteiros dos chineses

but with this unit i mean, imnotsure how did i get the siege bonus damage versus villgaer but cant use it versus villager

e apenas uma estatística morta que não pode ser usada só estar lá só por causa de algum código do jogo mais não tem efeito nem um, e o que eu acho

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I could be mistaken but don’t military units use their siege attack vs fishing boats? Fishing boats have the villager tag so the multiplier would be used then.


faz sentido 20 caracteres

Well, i think ships are seen like buildings that you will burn, thats why they use siege attack

Fishing ships are ships and aren’t hard countered by towers, so there is exceptions and rules.
Makes sense that you ‘‘siege’’ a ship firing cannons at you, otherwise, how would you do damage?

Not all military units though, just the melee units. Ranged units do their ranged attack. I’m guessing this is just an oversight from the devs.


in the game, fishing ships are not ships, they are villagers, thats the reason why an outpost dont deal bonus damage

no, this is intended design. if you manually trigger ranged units into their melee stance, they will throw torches instead. this is generally not super relevant except with Grenadiers (switching from a 16 dmg grenade to a 54 dmg grenade, both with 12 range). Kinda relevant for muskets which generally have decent siege. I THINK the longbow ranged siege card might make the melee stance thing abuseable but i have not had a chance to test

edit: shinobi have good siege for a ranged infantry too, might be worth it on them also

2nd edit: unsure of mantlets as well. siege would be drastically better


You don’t even have to manually turn them into melee, they start sieging when they’re too close to the shoreline where there are ships…just like how they turn into melee when units are so close. Although, I’m not sure if every unit behaves this way. I’ve seen a few which actually use melee attack vs ships. I get your point on grenadiers but it doesn’t make sense for the unit shared by the OP.

yeah for OP it’s just an artifact of the command “all actions damage” used in the techtree

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