Any word on Mongol/Rus/China nerfs?

We looking at a March patch or something?

Mongol absurd tower abuse & ridiculous production is out of hand. You could just delete the Khan from the game and the civ will still be S tier, to give an idea of how ridiculous they are.

What were they thinking? “oh you can double produce free units with stone that you also get without mining from a building. also you get a khan that has special abilities to help you in in combat” lmao

Rus isn’t that bad, it just has the early bounty cheese letting the turtle strat be too strong.

China just wins if they get late game - fire lancers, bombards, and their stupid imperial officer can outproduce anyone else on a single archery range (try it) - def need nerfs here.

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No word as of yet, but we know that something is coming down the line, eventually.

You can check the other ten threads of this type to get a better idea.

They said they wont nerf Mongol which are considered “the middle point” in term of balance, they want all civ as strong as mongol which is not a bad idea because mongol seem to be good everywhere and can do a lot of different things.

The word “nerf” must exist in a balance just as much as “buff.” Trying to balance 7 civs so that they are equal to the Mongolian is a big problem that is going to cause you strong imbalances in the future, especially in the MUs.

Civs that need nerf in order according to the data I handle: Mongols.

Civs that need light nerfs that involve fixing the HA bug, slowing down the production of villagers, among other things: Rus and France.

Civs that need some nerf in Late that can be compensated with some small buff in early: China and HRE.

Civs in need of an urgent bug fix: Delhi.

Civs needing a buff: Abbasids.

I just hope that the developers forget the idea of ​​balancing everything on the top, because it will get out of hand. The balance is fun and competitive options.

On one of their videos they said we are not thinking of nerfiing civs but to bring others to that level. That means with next update they are gona breake more things… Why would they go hard on this just nerf these civs. Rus, Chinese, Mongols and someother features of some civs… They broke lots of things on patch where horsemen were nerfed…

They said they would rather buff than nerf civs. They have got to do some pretty heavy changes to make up for the difference though. Rus are currently dominating with their tempo and Horse Archer spam. Horse Archers need a big nerf though, otherwise I have no idea how you could buff all other units in the game. You would have to buff Archers so much that it would throw off the balance completely.

Also Landmarks like Steppe Redoubt for +50% gold return is crazy powerful. If this is truly the goal for balance, then take a look at Chinese Landmarks, which are the worst in the game. You would basically have to buff Tax gain by +300% from the Imperial Academy instead of +100% to make this a good Landmark. Tax gain in itself is such a gimmick that doesn’t work well in practice at all, everyone just uses supervise because its much better.

Also Great Wall Gatehouse Landmark is a joke. Spirit Way needs to have a bigger influence radius, or better, just affect all production buildings on the map instead. And the Imperial Palace, the wonder which grants vision and villager spies needs a buff aswell. 1800 ressources is too much for a Dynasty and so is the 2nd imperial Age Landmark. But most importantly, the Age 3 and Age 4 Landmarks of Chinese need buffs, they are just terrible.

Definitely need a lot of heavy nerfs in this game fast devs get moving to nerf this op stuff make this game fun not a one size everyone use all. Don’t need to wait till spring needs to be done now.nerfs need to start with China and seige needs some heavy nerfing fast