Anybody knows the Dark Age Build Order for new civs?

After trying the Georgians start, I can tell it by a very certainty that this civ is not for all. I’m a very bad and slow player. So maybe that’s why it felt like their build is as tight as Chinese. You put 7 on sheep instead of regular 6, then skip the 4 villagers on wood and go straight to boars and put 10-11 villagers on hunt and still constantly need to drop off food.

As for the Armenians, I gave myself a 15 food penalty. And it is hard. I’d recommend you put 7 on sheep for them as well instead of regular 6 before going to wood. And I’ll say put only 3 on wood regardless of what strategy you’re going for and keep the extra villager under TC collecting food.

Anybody with early access can help me and the community with a BO? (Not sure if I’d buy the DLC unless there is a massive 60% discount. But still…)

Note : I don’t have any early access. I just gave myself a 50 food and 15 food penalty for Georgians and Armenians respectively.

Don’t forget the Armenians get Spearmen in Dark Age. So that can be a factor too.

I think it is just a trap. Spearman is simply weak to do any damage in Dark Age. If you scout your enemy going for scout rush, only then you create spearman. Keep in mind 35 food in Dark age is no joke.

Edit: Thanks to Hera’s latest YT video. 18 pop Georgians Scout Rush.

tbh. it’s kinda strange why they start with less food instead of less wood?
They basically start with an extra building, not an extra villager.

Probably to make the start more difficult and harder to master. Less wood would be just a straight forward buff.

They got no other economic bonus before the Castle Age so that wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

I wish they had shepherds that generated a bit of gold, like in my concept. It would reference the region of Tusheti famously exporting beef and cheese.

But then you would be complaining harder that they appropiated your ideas.


Nah. It would be cool if they followed my designs.

It had to be -100 wood penalty then, not -50 wood penalty.

That would have made the most sense.
That would basically have saved them on the construction time of a lumber camp while giving them a mediocre scout.

Not a big bonus but still something useful that doesn’t really make the start more complicated.

Giving people a more complicated start will result in the civ underperforming in low ELOs, which is not a good design.

I guess devs just don’t want them to be another laming civ. Wood penalty would result in immediately sending villagers to enemy deer and boar.

I’m certainly for minimizing the civ performance difference between elos, but I also want to keep some civs like this.

Yes Georgians build seems quite tough and different. Had to force submit till 9th villager. My build was first 8 on sheep, 9th on boar, push 1st deer, 10th and 11th on mill, 12th lures 2nd boar, 13th house and then to mill, push 2nd deer, 14th on mill, 15th on boar, 16th, 17th on wood, loom, a few seconds idle click up. Resources very tight. Stable got delayed by 10-15 seconds, couldn’t afford continuous scout beyond 3rd for some time. Really tough civ. This civ could be very vulnerable to drush.

Buy it man. I think this is a very unique DLC, very different type of bonuses and lots of new things without anything seemly broken. Need to appreciate the efforts of devs for such a DLC.

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Did you try Hera’s build?

Maybe Apocalypso was right about people in 3rd world country. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Well, if you go by a strict definition of not having modern amenities…