Anyone actually enjoy playing this game?

I am having a great time with AoE4, and can’t get enough. The people I play online appear to be enjoying the game as well. Then I read the forum posts here, and I get the opposite impression.

There is definite room for improvement, and many complaints from the betas have yet to be addressed. That being said, does anyone actually like playing this game? Or are the issues with the game just too much?


It’s ok, has been growing on me but am going to mostly stick with aoe 3.

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I’m loving it. People with criticisms are more likely to go on forums.

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Liking too despite of the frustration of somethings missing (hotkeys,global queue , other things already said here).

Few smaller things can be annoying, but really enjoying it so far. Starting to really get into the game, despite being turned off at first by the graphics

I’m enjoying it quite a bit, we have a solid game that they can build upon post launch.

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I don’t think complaining mean the players don’t enjoy the game. On the contrary, I thing people critics could help the developers to improve the game. I think they made some mistakes, at least for me, like not adding a Holy Romain Empire Campaign or putting to much focus on defensive mission in the english and french campaign, but i can easily said the put lot of effort in the presentation (like cutscenes) and the voice acting (as a Québécois, is nice to ear the old french and not the contempory one). Most of RTS during the launching period have some problems and complaints could help developers to focus on the most important things.

Best regards !