Anyone else getting suicidal AI kings?

So I posted about this in the bug report section, but I wondered if anyone else had noticed this:

I was playing a 2v2v2v2 Regicide on Black Forest with AIs, and in the middle of the game, one of the AIs who was doing quite well and not under attack, was defeated randomly. This had happened in a previous game, so I checked the rec and found that the AI had ungarrisoned his king from his castle, and sent him to the front lines of the player he was attacking.

Guess he just lost the will to live, eh? Now I know it’s not an unintentional surrender mechanic, since the player in question was on the top score team and wasn’t being pressured. I guess it’s just some feature intended to eject garrisoned military units at some point and have them join the battle?

Anyway, has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @SirWiedreich, Please do not create duplicate topics as stated in the forum code of conduct. Closing this one.