Anyone else hate open maps?

Anyone else hate open maps? A scout rush happens, the game is over. I quit as soon as saw I am being attacked on my woodline. There’s no point really continuing, I don’t think you could ever recover from that. This is the noob/or bad player experience in a nutshell.

I only do good in good defensive maps where I have time to chill and boom. Europe Diplomacy, 4v4 Michi, orother Diplomacy maps. I don’t feel safe. I am fearful of a scout rush. I like to hide and cry behind a wall. Boom safely without worrying about being rushed. I feel even some of the nonrush maps like black forest, and arena aren’t safe enough. That’s why I make lots of scenarios with super tight chokepoints with walls and towers so I can hide behind them and feel safe.

I love to see a big wall like this on a standard map.

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A couple rams are all it takes to bring down that wall.

You are given lots of time to react. The walls are very thick. Castle Age rams die very quickly to that. I even more insane defensive maps like that.

Like this nightmare of a water crossing.

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What do you know about Fatslob?

He is a guy who walls people in.

This I have heard from newcomers to the game quite often. :frowning: Most people that I tried to get into the game got just frustrated with it and dont play this game anymore. Unfortunately the devs don’t seem to care much about bringing new people into the game. Or keeping the existing ones.


youre missing out if you dont play open maps. theyre fun really. youll learn with experience if you play enough.

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The problem i have with close maps is that your early mistakes are accumulated. So you dont really know where it went wrong. This will make improving much more difficult. On the other hand, good players will even beat worse player harder on closed maps.

I have played many BF games in the past and the outcome is pretty much predictable in the late feudal / early castle age. Sometimes even faster. But you still have to play to late imp before really winning or losing the game. So the small differences in the early game will really made the difference in the late game. As result you kind of loose the game in the early game, but you have to still play to the late game. That is why i made the which to open maps. They seem to be much more fun.

At the start is was also afraid of scout rushes and things like that. But after some games you start to know the drill and get used to it. To me it is much more fun and a much bigger challenge to manage your eco and military at the same moment. In closed games it feels more split. First focus 30 minutes or more on eco, then you can focus on military. On open maps you have to focus on both.


This doesnt make any sense. Devs dont have to hold the hand of players if they queue on to compete against other players. Dont you get killed in FPS games because you are new? Dont you get ganked in MOBA? What handicap do a new chess player get?

You need to lose games and go down to the bottom of the ladder if you are starting out until you find players of similar skill. Its the same for every competitive game.

And you can always play Treaty or various game settings that help the new player outside of the Ranked ladder.


i haven’t seen a viable alternative to the open maps

if i wanted to skip the first 80% of the tech tree, i’d just play DM

if i want to play a RM game that’s about spending time in each era, only the open maps provide that experience

it would be nice if other kinds of maps let you play all the ages of the game, but i haven’t seen any that do that

There is one megarandom script in which each player start with a feitoria. Feitoria are less raidable than 20 villagers, specially in dark age…

You mean 9 villagers. :slight_smile: That’s how much resources a Feitoria generates.

I thought it was 15 villagers.

Even so, 9 villagers (6 in TC and 3 in lumbercamp) are more raidable.

Open maps with scarce wood or too many hills, yes.
But close maps with killbox chokepoints can really render a lot of units useless and I don’t like it.
What’s the point of horse archers or heavy cavalry if they can’t move around?

Where do I get maps like these? Because I want them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Map is Middle Earth Diplomacy. Look in mods. It’s based off an older map I made in 2013 version of AOE 2.

The latest version is called: Middle Earth Diplo Monument Wars 2

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I dont think they need hand holding, but the game removed most of the noob-friendly civs and options from the game so it’s much worse experience to start playing this game now than it was 4-5 years ago

What do you mean the civs were removed? I started playing 20 years ago and it was certainly way harder back then. No tutorials, no art of war, no mods, no autofarms, no autoscouts, no range indicators, no matchmaking… The list goes on.
This game is way more noob-friendly nowadays than 5 years ago.

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Auto-scout is example of good intent but not good outcome. Sure it is easy to click auto scout. But what are the chances that it will provide the player with any useful info? Range indicator is another bad thing, first of all discourages learning the game, but more importantly, affects game play adversely on low levels.