Anyone else here bad at the game? Yet get called a pro?

Anyone else here bad at the game? Yet get called a pro? For simply because you know how to boom in a 4v4 game black forest map? When you have really bad team. And I mean really bad. They don’t know how to even boom at all. I am a bad player (who played this game for a long time)… who almost never rushes… but I know how to boom like crazy. Fast castle, make lots of town centers and spam trade carts. Be constantly making villagers.

But by pro game standards, I am awful. My rating is quite low in DE and HD. I played the game a long time, but I quite frankly suck on open maps where I can’t hide behind walls and boom safely. I find it’s very hard to pull off a rush a lot of the time, and it often ends in failure. 90% of my games I play Persians and rely on late game War Elephant spam.

I hate and actively avoid open maps since I find it very hard to defend from a rush. I even got taken out of the game before by a simple scout rush many times. I mostly play Diplomacy (like Europe DIplomacy) games or crazy scenarios and mods.

Same here. I played AOE 2 way back in the early 2000’s and I was crap then, but still enjoyed the game, especially Deathmatch as was the vogue then.

Returning to the game after a hiatus of 15 years or so and attempting to play the game properly I get rushed over and over again. Scout Rush or crossbow Flush (whatever that is) every time I get caught with me pants down. Oh and shame it’s against the bloody computer.

There I am done with Dark age in around 10-11 mins at best. Feudal takes longer, yet the instant I hit the Castle button in they come ! Dozens of the little sods, sometimes supported by rams as well.

Like you Bomber I try and fight them off but end up being wiped off the map or just retreating to the furthest corner to try and build back up.

There’s no way I’d try online I’d just let everybody down. And god knows I’ve spent hours watching videos and reading strategy after strategy, but none seem to help.

I mostly play 1v1. The enemy wont every say you are a pro. It is much more likely they claim that you are a ‘cheater’ or ‘smurf’ if you somehow have a good game and smash them…

I once beat a smurf (i have proof, but i wont give a name) by playing way above my normal level. In the next game i was matched against the same user. He instantly Alt+F4’d. He was too afraid to play me again. That was golden!


Won’t ask you for either name or proof

But can you give us the ELO range? (Of the actual account, that is)

If you play a couple of times online, you will automatically be matched with players around your own skill level. That can be fun! :slight_smile:

This happened already some months ago, so i dont know every details anymore. I think he was playing around 500 elo below his main account while i beat him. It must be something like that.

I have had a look at his profile once after the games and i saw he dropped even more point. Then he starts winning back to back and reaches the elo of his main account. Then again dropped 500+ elo by back to back losses (15+ losses in 1h or something like that: Just Alt + F4-ing in the first second of the game). So he continues on this account. I think his lowest rating was 200 elo or something like that… That is just straight up noob bashing… Still know clue why i was able to win that game.

Clearly a smurf to be, but the devs dont really care about smurfs. I have reported the player, but nothing happened.

i did a 18 vil twr rush once, and the guy was convinced i was a smurf. but its only coz i got super lucky with how things worked out, i didnt even do anything very efficiently… i generally suck

I only was called smurf because of the Arambai strat, and I in a streaming I was critiziced of being a cheater because I massed War Elephants (In a game where we were 5 against 3 , the streamer underestimated us.).

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In my very first ranked game, i wrote “new to aoe2, pls go easy on me”. However, thanks to my sc2 experience, i just completly stomped my opponent who then stated this could never have been my first game :smiley:

Haha we need that “don’t be suspicious” meme playing here… You said it was you first ranked game… But you could easily have played 1000 hrs of everything except ranked :wink::wink:

But yeah rts skills are definitely translatable across games. Especially the apm(and equally important thw aggression) needed in SC…

Ive found in lower elo aggression beats almost every single thing. Builds, micro, etc all crumble to hyper aggression

OK I seem to have found the answer : the Ole Black Forest map. I can wall up and play an old gits boom game. Dunno why I never thought of it before. Back in the 2000’ s we used to play it all the time. Doh !