Anyone else hitting a wall with bad treaty games?

Just played a 3v3 NR40 treaty game where everyone was a good player except one guy on my team…

The host has rehosted his lobby for the third time (due to bugged lobbies). He has put the same name (“3v3 NR No Noobs”) and the same 5 players keep joining to play. A one-stripe guy comes into the lobby and eagerly readies up. Everyone (tired of waiting) readies up too.

8 minutes into the game, it turns out that he brought a rush deck into the game and sent 8 halberdiers to the enemy base for a rush. Confused, he brought them back, and after explaining to him that he ought to focus on booming, he makes more military and falls dramatically behind in score.

At 25 minutes, he was still in Age 3 while everyone else was in age 5, maxing out settler population. And at 30 minutes, he randomly quits the game.

Since everyone on the other team were good players and we have been disgrunted waiting for so long, we battle anyways, and the following 2v3 battle was a complete atrocity as the population sensitivity in this game wrecked the two of us.

We did alright, but it still was a joke at the end of the day.

And this has happened like 7 times this week. I usually get home from work and look forward to getting absorbed in a good treaty game, who can rock-paper-scissors better than the other.

But it was waste of 50 minutes, and this has been a consistent problem. I can’t even go back to TAD since there’s such few people there. This needs to get fixed.

Let us see decks before going in-game,

And give us tools to see how good people really are (TAD showed people their number of games played, level, AND different win percentages for treaty and supremacy games)

When we only have a rank based off of win percentages, it could mean a lot of things:

  1. Maybe someone has a “high” rank because he/she plays a ton of 1v1 and wins consistently with a good strat, but in treaty, he/she is just average.
  2. Maybe someone has been playing with friends or clan members who are very good and carry that person all the time, elating their rank
  3. Or maybe someone has been lucky enough to get noob matchups and wins a lot, but his/her overall experience and time with the game isn’t as much as a veteran and will show in a true matchup of skill.

There’s just too much the rank by itself doesn’t explain

you can sorta see that, for ranked games only tho.

on a tangent they should probably fix the unranked medal thing, pretty sure mine is bugged/stuck.

I’d say that close to 75% of my games are won or lost to either a noob player or a disconnection. So I can agree that help to prevent the first one would be a great start.

I would not be surprised to hear that many players enter NR 40 games with the mindset that those are more relaxed games, where they can just take their time because there is no stress of any attack, while in reality, most of us play this expecting exiting post-imperials battles with tons of macro.

I normally name my games with NO NOOB or EXPERIENCED players, but for whatever reason, some player that have no idea how to play this game still enter and decide to play. Kicking low rated players may be tempting, but there are many new players that can be very good and some legacy players as well that are not yet rated. And lets not forget how hard it is to get players to begin with…

On a related note, I am amazed how many players enter treaty games without realising it. Maybe a better way to differentiate NR 40 games from the other modes would be a good idea? For the moment, it is mostly a small line in the lobby and the title of the game that indicate it.

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