Anyone else notices AOE 4 is using old mechanics that were supposed to appear in AOE2?

I have watch the trailer again and notices that there was cut mechanics of AOE 2, like scouts taking sheeps to the town center or unit specific formations like spear or shild wall that seem to be reused in AOE 4… Any other things cut stuff for the other game you notice in the new one?



  • Dark Age Spearman
  • Swordman are only available starting at Castle Age (The English are an exception)
  • Archers and Crossbowman are separate lines
  • Knights using lances
  • Mangonels have to unpack before usage
  • Mongoles can move their buildings (in AoE2 only movable TCs where planned.)


  • Off map trade or some kind of at the edge of the map naval tradepost.
  • Monks are trainable in Dark Age but can’t convert before Castle Age (maybe that’s exclusive for Delhi)
  • Frankish unique paladin/knight unit
  • Relics that buff surrounding units (The mass conversion is maybe just one of many possible things a Relic can do)

I probably forgot about some more.

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I would add generally more options for relics at it seems there were some in the english stronghold at the walls aswell.
In age 2 they wanted them to have more specific fetures for each, but that was cut.

Age 2 was a nice game mechanic wise and aesthetics wise, so for me having some of the mechanics from age 2 and some of mechanics that were supposed to be added to age 2 to age 4 Is heartwarming

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